Download Spotify Music: How are you and what is legal?

Swedish music streaming service Spotify holds ready three different access for you: Free, Unlimited and Premium. Only the premium subscription you have the possibility your playlists retrieve and offline. Other users have the chance to listen to their favorite tracks without an Internet connection? And is this legal? All answers can be found here.

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The various Spotify deals offer different benefits to users. The most options and the best sound quality you get it with a premium subscription. Only this offer also includes the legal option to enjoy the music in offline mode.

download music: Spotify &# 8211; the should know her!

  1. Basically, the recording of MP3s for streaming services and online radio is allowed only for private purposes.
  2. However, Spotify prohibited in the terms under item 8 &# 8211; the user policies &# 8211; the ribs, recording, and reproducing, and copying of the contents of the Spotify platform.
  3. This prohibition is to be respected, but whether it has legal validity is questionable among lawyers.

The download of streaming services for private purposes is allowed if there apparently is a legal source &# 8211; So use rights were acquired in the content. Illegal is downloading content, in any case, if the provider obviously does not hold any rights to the content and that is for the user also clearly visible.

The download of MP3s in Spotify thus moves within one of the famous gray areas of the Internet &# 8211; here is strongly discouraged. The legal consequences that might have for you, too uncertain. So instead you programs Free Audio Recorder accommodate how close, we present here a rather clever trick before, which seems to be legally watertight.

Spotify music download Chinese alternative

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The trick with the Chinese streaming platform

SemperVideo has made this trick to legally come to download various pieces of music known and due to the many user requests for legality, the well-known media lawyer Christian Solmecke expressed in detail in a video to it. What's the matter?

  • In China there is a platform that seems as if it were the Chinese version of Spotify &# 8211; and perhaps it is that too. Although the characters are indecipherable for the uninitiated, but via the search mask you can find quickly the titles that you want &# 8211; also various German and international artists and bands
  • The legal reasoning: You can page in no case view, whether it is legal or not &# 8211; The presentation is very serious, just like the Chinese version of Spotify. So you have to assume that it is a legal platform with the appropriate rights, since there is no evidence for a different assumption.
  • According to the media lawyers Solmecke the download MP3s from this side is unobjectionable.

How to download from the Chinese platform works &# 8211; an instruction

  • You open the page - the look and the structure should be familiar to you, therefore you dürftet you &# 8211; despite the Chinese writing &# 8211; visitors find reasonably well.
spotify music downloadThe blue button is for the download.
  • Then you click on the blue button &# 8211; a window will appear with different downloads for different devices. You seek out the right and starts the download.
  • Seconds later, you have the program on the hard disk. Now you start the exe.Datei. When the installation is complete, a blue button that says probably finished in appears. There you click on it and the Chinese Spotify opens.
  • Now you can search for your preferred music through the search.

spotify music download Chinese alternative

  • Pieces that want to keep her on your hard drive, invite her down, by clicking on the download characters to the right of heart. Once you have clicked on it, you may will be asked if you want to make the song a favorite. After you have denied it or confirm the download of the music starts.
  • Following you will find the song in the streaming platform program folder. If you have specified otherwise, ie on the C partition in Cloud Music folder.

spotify music download Chinese alternative

  • It may be that the program has automatically set that the titles with Cloud Music should be played. That would annoy the long run, so you can change the setting accordingly the title. Click to right-click the title or the file → properties → file open with → and chooses the program that uses its best for this purpose.

Look at the best of times even the video before it gets going &# 8211; but then a lot of fun!

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