The Walking Dead Season 8: Episode 1 – Launch of new episodes

The start of the eighth season of The Walking Dead is pending. Today we are going in the United States with new episodes tomorrow is what FOX in Germany on. Even before the premiere of the seventh season AMC has officially confirmed the continuation of an eighth season. The first episode of season 8 is entitled "The first fight."

A cliffhanger like last year, there was not this time the end of the seventh season, so you can wait impatiently for the new episodes of the eighth season more or less relaxed, yet. Even before the start of the seventh season fans were still unsettled by rumors were spread over a setting of The Walking Dead. But as expected, AMC has renewed the series. In addition to Game of Thrones serial Zombie extravaganza is one of the most successful series of the decade at all. In a few hours time has finally come. To start off, there are now 100th episode of the series.

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Here you can see the new season in the trailer the first images:


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The German branch of FOX, the transmitter of The Walking Dead this country emanates, has now announced when season will start eighth The first episode of the eighth season will therefore broadcast in Germany on Monday, 23 October.

Series producer Greg Nicotero shows at Comic-Con the first scenes of the first episode. Fans of the series can look forward to nostalgic feelings. Visually, there is a flashback back to the first episode. Many, especially small details have been shown in a similar form in the very first episode of The Walking Dead. However, unlike in Episode 1 is Carl and not Rick Grimes in focus.

New trailer and more to the story in The Walking Dead Season 8

The first pictures promise an action spectacle in the new episodes of the apocalyptic series. Of course, is also in the latest episodes of conflict with Negan in the foreground. But even among themselves, the group does not seem to deal peacefully with each other. The first images show many explosions and shootings. Of course, the real stars of the series, the biter may not be missing. However, particularly the end has it all and offers plenty of room for speculation. An indication of a time jump in the plot, as it has already been speculated? Or just a means to attract nostalgic fans on the wrong track? We still have to wait for a week before the mystery is resolved to Ricks long beard.

The have not known her about The Walking Dead:

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AMC has published a first summary of the story in the eighth season. Rick begins thus, as expected, his "all out war ??" against Negan and his gang. Now has been the survival of the first goal of Rick's group, the task now is to go more on the offensive in order to live again a decent life without fear. On the side of Rick's group are the survivors teams from Hilltop with Maggie as the leader and the Kingdom with König Ezekiel.

22,920The Walking Dead Season 8: Comic-Con Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 8: When will the new episodes?

The CEO of the channel AMC, Josh Sapan, confirmed that there would be enough material and potential for numerous new episodes of the popular series. In theory, The Walking Dead could therefore still ongoing for many years. At least for the end of 2017 it is clear that The Walking Dead in the eighth season will go. In the past seasons the makers have closely followed the comic book, for Season 8 so it should look similar.

  • The eighth season The Walking Dead should 16 episodes get.
  • A release date is now known. So far, the series has always released at the same intervals and that always in October.
  • The transmitter has announced the launch for autumn 2017, and in 2017 it will therefore continue in October. In the US, the first episode of the eighth season takes place on Sunday, 22 October.
  • In Germany it is 24 hours later, on Monday, 23 October at FOX on pay TV on.
  • As usual, there will be the new episodes with a pay-TV subscription or access to Sky entertainment ticket.

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Still, it takes a few weeks until the start of the new episodes of The Walking Dead. In order to shorten the waiting time, AMC scatters after all, a snapshot of the eighth season, on Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier are seen together. Both are probably in considering how it will continue to fight Negan. Showrunnner Scott M. Gimple it promises plenty of action.

What about Glenn?

The sixth season began with a shocker. Glenn, who belongs to the main cast for the first season, made up close acquaintance with Lucille. However, before the start of the eighth season, there is now hope for fans of the embodied by Steven Yeun character. In an interview the actor revealed that he would be with comeback for new TWD consequences there. Of course, a return sense must result. Of course, a show in the presence of the series would be unthinkable, but it could show up well in one way or another flashback scene &# 8211; finally expected nor Maggie Glenn's baby. For speculation also provide the last words of Glenn before his head was smashed. So he said to Maggie, "I will find you!"

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shifts the release?

In mid-April has been speculation that the start of the eighth season could move to an unspecified date backwards. This is due to a pending strike by screenwriters. Both the "Writers Guild of America" ​​and the "Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers" want to lie down in the US their work due to unfair payment of screenwriters. If the strike actually be drawn authors for television productions, films and series are involved. A production would be temporarily interrupted. Already in 2007 and 2008, there were strikes of this kind. Numerous series had in the next season with fewer episodes than planned and go accustomed to the start. However, in early May seems to have averted the risk. Thus the Porduktionsstudio Alliance AMPTP and the "Writers Guild of America" ​​are agreed and the writers' strike have thus averted. On Monday, May 1, therefore, already filming began for the eighth season of "The Walking Dead"! In the Facebook page of "The Spoiling Dead Fans" to find the first pictures of the locations for the new episodes. Much can be made of the pictures, of course, is not deduce, but the anticipation of October can slowly but surely begin.

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FOX is likely to again take Germany broadcast of new episodes. Currently, the German version will each broadcast a day after the US premiere, currently there is nothing then that would change that for the eighth season. The eighth season is from the 100th anniversary episode initiated. Not yet clear whether AMC is planning something special for the anniversary episode. but showrunner Scott Gimple indicates that you do not want to celebrate that 100 episodes were shown, but that at least 100 more episodes will be available in the room.


Season 8 Episode anniversary

In the upcoming season, which will start in the fall, the fans already expected to kick off the 100th anniversary episode. At the beginning one wants to spoil the fans accordingly and present surprises. Tom Payne, performer of Jesus reveals that the eighth season will show something completely new. According to him, the episodes will indicate 2017 and 2018 a completely different tone than before. Recently there have been critical voices to the series, quite possible that the series creators want to regain lost previous fans.

A post shared by Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) on May 27, 2017 at 8:44 pm PDT

New main characters

In the coming episodes some previous supporting characters are to be upgraded and play a greater role. These include:

  • Enid (Katelyn Nacon)
  • Simon (Steven Ogg)
  • Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh)
walking-dead-scale-8© AMC

The seventh season was not completed on a cliffhanger, as was the case in the previous year. Rather, the current season is expected to complete a chapter and prepare for new adventures in the "epic story". In addition, it will once again be the after-show The Talking Dead with host Chris Hardwick. Also in 2017, the time between the current and the new season with new editions of the spin-offs "Fear The Walking Dead" is bridged. elsewhere you learn more about the third season of FTWD

the-walking-dead staffel 8AMC

After grumbling again about the lame narrative pace during the recent season, promises showrunner Scott M. Gimple that it should just go fast in the eighth season, as in the finale of the seventh season. According to him, the "action" should be in the foreground. The first episode of the total 100th episode of the series will be displayed simultaneously &# 8211; Accordingly, a firework is actually required. After the recent events, the team will not take a break to Rick, but the next episode in the fight against Negan addressed. In the panel discussion Series of showrunner promised:

"The first four episodes will bring the brains of the audience to melt and blow up their television screens.&# 8221;

The Walking Dead: The is known about the eighth season

Subsequently, the one or the other spoilers could the new season of "The Walking Dead" stuck. Officially, of course there are no statements to action, but the confirmed cast, and there is a variety of fan theories and derivatives of the comic book series, which may indicate the action of the new season grows. Who wants to be impartial in the new episodes end of 2017, reads elsewhere on and learn for example more about Negans &# 8220; girlfriend&# 8221 ;, Lucille. The curious will find the first scraps of information to the eighth season:

  • Andrew Lincoln will also be featured in the eighth season as Rick Grimes.
  • In addition, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) does not limp in the seventh season.
  • All hopes that Negan will be held accountable, not yet confirmed in the seventh season. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, actor Negan confirmed in the Howard Stern show that he doing in the eighth season will be. Rumor Rick and Negan could build a comradely relationship and walk side by side through the apocalyptic world in the eighth season even.
  • However, for Sasha the adventure is over. Actress Sonequa Martin plays a major role in the new Star Trek series &# 8211; so not enough time for a role in the new &# 8220; The Walking Dead&-Follow; #. 8221
  • New cast member is Maria Bello, in the past, inter alia, was seen in Emergency Room.

Also in Season 8 of the war against Negan will play a central role. It will also look at the past of the villains. In the comic book a big time jump is pending. Here are Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom in peaceful cooperation under the leadership of Rick. Scott M. Gimple hinted that the time jump is cut in the series, at least. At the same Gimple announces that the time jump could be incorporated easily modified.

Robert Kirkman does not want endless series

Although we are confident and suspect that at least two to six seasons will follow, has the creator and showrunner of the series, Robert Kirkman, can already clearly announced in an interview with Variety that he would make no endless series: &# 8220; It is a very popular series and those responsible would like to run it 50 Seasons, and it could probably run even 50 seasons, but it will definitely be an end point at a given time.&# 8221;

the walking dead staffel 8 amcAMC

Executive producer Dave Alpert had already expressed in 2014 that the act has been designed to scale 12th Whether these designs a reality, of course, depends on the support of the transmitter AMC, but you can probably expect as long as the series continues on its successful course and falls no zombie apocalypse upon us. One end of "The Walking Dead" far seems in any case, even after the eighth season in sight.

Images: Via AMC

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