Gwent card game: buy tickets or tinker – What are the alternatives?

Gwent, or Gwint is not only in the world of The Witcher 3: extremely popular The Wild Hunt, but is also popular with the players of the great role-playing game popular. The card game is so good that there is the question of one or the other, whether outside of The Witcher 3 or even right cards you can play offline Gwint: either purchased or homemade cards. We have made our search for opportunities and alternatives.

Gwent card game: buy tickets or tinker - What are the alternatives?The card game is in the original English Gwent, Gwint in the German version. We use both terms interchangeably in the article. 

Gwent tickets on Ebay*Witcher 3 CE Amazon*

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Gwent Card Game: Can you buy Gwint cards?

Not only in the world of the Witcher can collect Gwent cards and perfect his deck, and offline, it is possible to play Gwent. However, the whole thing has some hooks:

Gwint cards with Xbox-one Collectors Edition

  • There are actually original Gwentkarten of cardboard that can be purchased.
  • These are part of The-Witcher 3 Collector&# 8217; s Edition for the Xbox One.
  • the Collector&# 8217; s however Edition is no longer as simple commercially available.
  • At Amazon, there are several copies of the CE for a salted price. *Gwent card game: buy tickets or tinker - What are the alternatives?
  • Ebay can be found, however, both from the CE originating decks on offer. * Again, you have to take some Euros in hand.
gwent-card purchaseThe CE of The Witcher 3 for the Xbox One contains two Gwent-card decks. This, however, was sold directly to the start.

Physical Gwint cards in addon &# 8220; Hearts of Stone&# 8221;

  • With the Expansion Pack Hearts of Stone there is finally a way to reasonably inexpensive to get to the official, physical Gwent cards.
  • In addition to the digital download on GOG * there will be the opportunity to purchase a limited edition. Also present: &# 8220; Hearts of Stone&# 8221; -Download code Gwint rules Monster Gwint card set, Scoia&8217; tael-Gwint card set, Gwint brands, collector's box.
  • These will be available in Germany and Austria at Saturn and Media Markt. For Switzerland, we do only information that there should be it commercially.


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tinker Gwent cards themselves

If you're willing to invest some time, you Gwint cards may tinker too easy.If you're willing to invest some time, you Gwint cards may tinker too easy.

Will you not fall so deep in the pocket, it is worth considering the cards easy to tinker.

  • You can download the maps you at this point.
  • Prints the cards and glue them on thick paper or thin cardboard.
  • Do you want something more professional cards, you can let you print out the map set also by a printer in high quality.
  • A fan of role-playing has taken the trouble to summarize all available Gwent cards in zip files (in German and English) and offer them for download.
  • Print can you the cards at various online print houses like * who specializes in the printing of playing cards.

it printed at My game Gwent cards*

Gwent: Can you play against human opponents the card game at all?

Of course it is possible to play Gwent also against human opponents, but: The game in the game is not designed explicitly. So there are cards and tactics that are not really fair and balanced. Therefore, one should note one or the other before one goes into battle:

  • Special add-on cards should be distributed fairly, it is best to speak off with his opponent in order to allow a fair game. Which ultimately serves the gameplay.
  • Hero cards are extremely strong. so it would be a consideration to use, not all heroes cards or even to dispense with the strongest altogether, since a single card can decide the game.
  • The two decks should assemble together and harmonize. Has a deck not answer certain cards of others? Then you will be in the long run have fun at Gwent card game.
  • It is convenient to print each card twice, so you can equip both decks using the card.
  • In fairness should also hero cards and cards with which you can draw cards, only allowed to be installed in the deck once each.
  • Playing a few rounds with your deck and then changed if necessary once again: Which card was just too strong? What you do not want to play better?

Gwent tickets on Ebay*Witcher 3 CE Amazon*

What alternatives are there? Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone as top dogs

Magic: The Gathering is the oldest trading card game ever and as popular as ever.Magic: The Gathering is the oldest trading card game ever and as popular as ever.

If need be Gwent not necessarily, but also another trading card game is concerned, you can also consider Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering try. While these tend to work a little different than Gwent, but make as much fun.

  • Hearthstone is a virtual trading card game from Blizzard, cardboard cards do not exist here.
  • Magic: The Gathering *Gwent card game: buy tickets or tinker - What are the alternatives? was the first trading card game at all and is offline and playable online.
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