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The makers of Snapchat users try the app regularly to keep them happy and add again added new features. So it's you for. possible to collect as next trophies and points in Snapchat. But how do you get the points?

The points are visible in the profile below the Snapcodes. Do you want your ads or the points of your friends, switch to camera mode and presses the menu button. About the friends list you can now sift through your Snapchat contacts. Selects one and you get the points of contact in Snapchat screen. But what does the Snapchat score?

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So you can get in Snapchat points

Snapchat: earn points - meaning the score?Will get their new Snapchat points, you do not take apart the deepest the app. Rather, it is sufficient if you regularly exchange snaps with your friends.

  • For each image sent there is a point.
  • In addition to her new points get when you snaps of friends received.
  • Even the sending and receiving video lets your score skyrocket.
  • to get new points to quickly, easily sent the image simultaneously to multiple contacts.
  • The score their increased accordingly if you just Snapchat actively using.
  • Of course you your friends should not spamming and bomb useless messages or images in the hunt for new points.

The Snapchat score is determined by an equation which is composed of the sent and received snaps. Extensive stories make the score skyrocket. The Snapchat score is influenced by many other factors. Who has not logged around longer and then sent a snap, gets unique more points than a user who regularly sent Snaps.

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Points in Snapchat: What does the score mean?

Of particular importance are not the points. It can be such. As no new features o. Ä. unlock. But probably you bring Snaps that reach a certain score, rewards for the trophy collection in the Messenger app. You should refrain on hacks that can supposedly increase the Snapchat score. These are usually fraudulent offers that bring a virus on the smartphone or the PC or tap the password for Snapchat login. Do you want to have a higher score, simply will snap hard, there's no tomorrow.

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