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DirectX 11.2 is suitable the latest edition of the multimedia runtime DirectX and exclusively for Windows 8th

DirectX is Windows the default runtime environment for multimedia applications such as computer games. As a user, you need to use advanced DirectX computer games and other multimedia applications that is available for download here in version 2.11 the DirectX runtime environment.

DirectX 11.2 is exclusively for Windows 8

DirectX 11.2 is located at the Windows 8 update Windows 8.1 suitable already in delivery and is accordingly exclusively for Windows 8th Users of earlier versions of Windows must rely on DirectX 11 and DirectX 29.9.

Extensive improvements in DirectX 11.2

Compared to previous versions, Microsoft has in DirectX 11.2 incorporate a number of improvements, in particular, increase the performance. There is the "Tiled Resources" function will only be charged with the textures in computer games when they are in the player in the virtual field.


DirectX 11.2 also includes a low-latency API, which shortens the time shortened between selecting and displaying a rendered image, which is particularly interesting for touch applications. the possibilities with simultaneous viewing of 2D and 3D graphics have been improved. The function "GPU multi-planar overlay" allows, for example, to render 2D and 3D graphics in different resolutions, so 2D graphics can be displayed in high resolution even if the resolution is reduced at the same time displayed 3D graphics.

A further improvement in DirectX 11.2 is the function HLSL shader linking. This programmer have the option of pre-compiled HLSL functions that they receive from libraries to include only the duration of the program, which also contributes to an increase in performance.

Note: Currently, DirectX is not available 11/2 as a separate download, but only as part of Windows 8 updates Windows 8.1, so the download link points to this.


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