“Netflix and Chill”: This means it really

Who moves a lot on the net, will meet regularly recurring expressions, including perennial favorites like "It's over 9000" or "Haters Gonna Hate". A fairly fresh term that has only recently on the Internet, for example. can be found for example in forums, chats, or memes, "Netflix and Chill" is. But what does this mean?

How suggests, the meme-expression has something to do with the video-on-demand portal Netflix.

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Netflix and Chill: With: Facebook and Co.

  • In his first days "Netflix and Chill" meant exactly what can be read from the words - in German so translated something like "Netflix watch and relax."
  • After a time, the meaning of the term, however, postponed.
  • Today hiding behind the term "Netflix and Chill" rather the offer to invite someone to have sex home.
  • So was it asked earlier if you do not want to watch a DVD together, still want to come, "with upwards" or want to enjoy "a cup of coffee" for an evening, you now conspired to "netflixen and chill"As a synonym for an appointment with sex. From the "movie night" of the "Netflix and Chill" evening was.

Netflix has now also taken up the trend itself and presented the "Netflix and Chill" button. The button can be connected to smart bulbs and operated using the app or the TV. Once pressed, the Netflix-and-chill-button dims the light and thus provides a romantic atmosphere. On YouTube, the provider Netflix Switch from:


Recycling allows the term to the year 2009. At that time the term, two years after the launch of Netflix, still used in its original meaning.

Are there "Netflix and Chill" in German?

A corresponding German translation of "Netflix and Chill" has this country can not yet be established. In English-speaking, instead of Netflix also targeted a series or a corresponding movie titles used.

With us you also learn what is behind the expression "binge-watching". If you want to watch Netflix and "chill out" with someone, you can test the first 30 days free streaming service.

Article of 15 October 2015 last updated on 14 April 2016th

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