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There are enough reasons to uninstall the excellent antivirus Avast. Maybe you want to use a new program or perform a program update? Here are the tips on how to manages it clean.

Avast! uninstall and completely remove from your PC

Anti-virus software completely removed to is often much more difficult and at the same time more necessary than in other applications. These programs attach themselves to many places in the system and simultaneously ensure that you can be very difficult to delete or overwrite. That must be so, so not everyone therefore spilled Trojan can overturn the scanner. But for us, it means that when an uninstall in the worst case everywhere lying around residues.

As long as everything works, we do not have to uninstall our scanner AvastAs long as everything works, we do not have to uninstall our scanner Avast

Avast! uninstall &# 8211; the normal uninstallation

Usually, programs are uninstalled from the Control Panel or there is an uninstall entry in the start menu of the program. If we want to remove a virus scanner Avast, we must choose the path through the Control Panel.

Normally you should be able to uninstall Avast, remain without residuesNormally you should be able to uninstall Avast, remain without residues

Control Panel -> Programs and Features found in the list of programs and the product of Avast. A double click calls a function with which we uninstall the program, but also update, modify, or repair. If we continue this uninstall procedure, we have to end up possibly even reboot the machine and then the program should be completely removed.

Avast! manually uninstall

One of the most common words in the computer scene is the word &# 8220; actually&# 8221 ;. Actually, it should work if want to uninstall the scanner Avast with their own routine. But if that were true, I would not write such advice.

A special tool can uninstall Avast completelyA special tool can uninstall Avast completely

If really left behind residues on the hard disk, registry and startup, this is particularly troublesome when we want to install a new virus scanner or a newer version. Virus scanners are designed so that you can be very difficult delete important messages. This is to prevent that a sophisticated computer virus takes control, or virus protection completely cancel out. During operation, such a virus scanner can not even stop completely change often. This technology also makes problems if we want to uninstall Avast completely itself after it did not work with the normal uninstallation.

Probably the most promising method is to make use of a special tool Avast. The manufacturer himself knows best where he stored all data and where it must then seek to eliminate them again. So if the normal uninstall Avast went into his pants, then we pick up the Avast Software Uninstall Utility. This relatively small Toll has only one task: to uninstall the antivirus software Avast!

The tool can uninstall Avast - but only in safe mode!The tool can uninstall Avast &# 8211; but only in safe mode!

It is important for the whole procedure that we go into Windows Safe Mode if we want to uninstall a program Avast manually. Because only then will we have access to protected directories and entries that secures the virus scanner otherwise by the self-protection. You must follow these steps to uninstall the tool called Avastclear the remains of Avast clean and completely:

  • First, you must the avast Software Uninstall Utility download (link below) and either stored directly on the desktop or in another location, which you can easily reach in safe mode.
  • After that ride your windows down and restarts in safe mode. To do this, right after booting and before Windows starts, press the F8 key. a screen in text mode, where we can select the Safe Mode with Networking will appear. So we can start Windows in Safe Mode and even access the Internet.
  • Now we start the Uninstall Utility Avast with a double to uninstall the remains of Avast.
  • If the existing installation is correctly identified, the tool displays them. Otherwise, we have to select them. If we have chosen the installation itself, we have to click through us to this folder because the tool does not find it otherwise.
  • After starting the cleanup, the tool gets going and shows, step by step completed items.
  • Then we must have Windows only shut down once again and start normally. Now everything should be gone.

download avast Software Uninstall Utility


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