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The Yottas are the latest German swank couples who shake up Hollywood and want to live out their own personal ego trip in America. On the Internet, Bastian and Maria Yotta their riches on open display &# 8211; here you never see the two actually pursue any employment. Many people wonder, therefore: Where the assets of Yottas comes about? And how rich Bastian and Maria Yotta really? In this guide we have the matter investigated.

The Yottas: Wealth - With these tricks, they were rich

The star of Geissens is slowly but surely on the wane &# 8211; but the inclined viewers need not worry too have to survive in the future without his daily dose of millionaire reality TV. Pro7 has recognized a little late obviously the success of the RTL-2 series and started the last week Yottas his own reality TV show. However, not just successful: Only 630,000 spectators wanted to turn on the television debut of Yottas &# 8211; corresponding to a meager market share of 5.2 percent.

Similar in principle &# 8220; The Yottas&# 8221; the RTL model &# 8211; However, Maria and Bastian Yotta regarded as the new Geissens &# 8211; beautiful, intelligent and of course much, much richer. For the spectator but much remains the same. Here, too, one may delight in the new rich that meet all the usual clichés and the only way to throw money around. The Yottas seem to live in a world that consists only of big cars, bikini babes, luxury jewelry and never-ending parties. Which raises the question: How can you be so actually make a lifestyle? And where does the wealth of Yottas?

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The Yottas: How rich are they really?

For over a year and Bastian Maria Yotta are now in Hollywood on the go &# 8211; he preferred Superman outfit them in revealing outfits with extra-deep neckline. The stated goal of the new rich: America shake up and live out the dream of the good life to the fullest &# 8211; From last night to admire in the Pro-7 reality show &# 8220; The Yottas! Flat out through America&# 8221 ;. The glamor everyday between bikini babes, fast cars and Society High Life provides the couple but for quite some time regularly on Instagram on display.

I told myself I was very rich and happy before I was. It is not about who you are. It is about who you think you are. The secret is to feel like the one you want to become! #yottalife who gets this message will level up his life for sure!

One of Yotta Couple (@yotta_life) gepostetes photo on May 11, 2016 at 19:00

The internet to read various details on the wealth of the Yottas &# 8211; Thus Bastian Yotta to monthly round $ 100,000 spend on his lifestyle. that is interesting mainly because Bastian Yotta pursues never really any employment: Claims to, he works every day more than 30 minutes to enjoy the rest of the day his life. Sure, the constant posting of ever new images on Instagram devours time &# 8211; but how can you afford a fleet of luxury cars, the estimated 1.3 million US dollars is worth?

the Yottas &# 8211; So high is their ability

The fortune magazine is once looked into this question. Result: Specific statements on the actual capacity of the Yottas it's hard to meet because of the excessive lifestyle could also be just a facade. After all, the magazine estimates the value of the total assets Yotta-up to 5 million euros. In Los Angeles, Yottas in any event on Superreich &# 8211; but not an end in itself, as Bastian Yotta emphasized. With the public display of their wealth, they want to spread a positive message: &# 8220; We do not want to splurge, but simply provide insights into our lives and motivate others in that they can also do it.&# 8221; so Yotta recently in an interview with the star.

To all the men outside. Don&# 8217; t be a pussy. There are real men missing out there. I tell you how I define a real man &# 8211; just a few examples: You have a clear vision but no excuses. You have control about your life. You treat your girl like a real princess. Your body is in shape and healthy. You make a lot of money Because you did Enables to have a great life and so to help other people. Here are some facts about me, Mr. Yotta: I never drunk alcohol in my life. I never Took drugs in my life. I never Took steroids in my life. I sleep 7 hours a day. I spend 20% of my income to charity. I eat clean and healthy. I read at least one book a week. I respect any humans and animals. I only fuck with my wife. Some more facts will follow Because some of you did not get the right picture. And if you want to be like me you shouldStartLoadWithRequest with the points of this post. Time for real men! Join the movement! #yottalife be a real man. One of Yotta Couple (@yotta_life) gepostetes photo on April 22 2016 at 15:56

His secret to success, however, is relatively simple: It worked just hard and believed in themselves &# 8211; only if one imagines already in the thought that one is a winner in reality, one could also succeed. Under the hashtag #yottalife he advertises this simple message &# 8211; his declared role model is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who would have also made it very far with a similar philosophy.

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Where does the power of the Yottas?

course is interesting is the question: Why are the Yottas really so rich? And what they have made their money? Here, too, there is not really much detail: Supposedly Bastian Yotta who made his fortune in the fitness business &# 8211; whether this can really develop this lifestyle, but remains questionable.

  • Bastian Yotta's real name is Sebastian Gillmeier, was born in 1976 and studied sports science with a focus on nutrition and sports performance.
  • He then has the weight-loss method MindSlimming invented that allows you to lose weight in your sleep.
  • can on Amazon to order the book about this: Mind Slimming: The revolutionary way to your desired weight *The Yottas: Wealth - With these tricks, they were rich &# 8211; the work, however, has just two (negative) customer reviews and currently ranks on sales rank 178,447. A best seller is different.
  • These Bastian Yotta at has built 25 Beauty Studios and is a board of GobalSkin Holding International &# 8211; his clients include, according to its own statement celebrities, actors, models as well as athletes, doctors and moderators.
  • In addition, Bastian Yotta should be the personal health advisers of an Arab royal family.
  • A large part of its assets Bastian Yotta will have made the development of a new social media technology, the elderly should facilitate the use of Instgram, Facebook and co.
  • he had allegedly sold to an American company this technique &# 8211; on the interest of the revenue he could &# 8220; live very well&# 8221 ;.

Overall, everything looks not really convincing &# 8211; the Yottas are so perhaps the only reason why went to private television so that cash comes in, with which they can finance their extravagant lifestyle? The tabloid claims to have even found that the Yottas in Germany to have a debt of 300,000 euros. Rescue could be the new &# 8220; revolutionary&promise social media Patent; # 8221 &# 8211; if it really is that. After all the millionaire announces it to cocky before. The technique is &# 8220; like Siri, only one level higher&# 8221 ;.

If you standing at at abyss in your life you can face it and think how terrible it would be to fall. Or you can turn around, smile and say &# 8220; fuck you&# 8221;&# 8221 ;. Never face the way towards the abyss. Always face the way to your dreams. You must control your mind day by day. Too many people think what happens if I fail. Why don&# 8217; t you think what happens if you make it. #yottalife jump out of negativity

One of Yotta Couple (@yotta_life) gepostetes photo on March 14th, 2016 at 7:22 PM

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