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So will you watch a video on YouTube, you have to watch a 30 second commercial about 15 in advance. Who is tired of these spots can block advertising on YouTube with a few simple steps.

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but ensures that YouTube channels generate their revenue from these advertisements usually. Switched their advertising in general from her also ensures that a mainstay of many YouTubers is simply cut off. The same holds true for General ad-blocker, turn off the advertisements on web pages. YouTube advertising should block her only in exceptional cases when such. B. your PC performance is thereby forced into the knee or there is a limited amount of data, or a slow Internet connection. In your favorite channels you should treat you the YouTube advertising to expect in the future with new videos.

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So you can block YouTube Advertising

On YouTube is played Advertising in two ways.

  1. You see the banners and blocks on the website, as in other sites as well.
  2. There are inserted short spots before the actual, or within the selected video.

Want to block their YouTube advertising, you must first open the developer console. This it achieved depending on the used browser on different way:

  • Firefox: "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "K"
  • Chrome, Opera: "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "J"
  • Internet Explorer: F12

Give in the console now following command:

  • document.cookie =&# 8221; VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = oKckVSqvaGw; path = /; domain = 8221 ;; window.location.reload ();

Herewith a cookie is set, is blocked by that advertising with YouTube. If the advertisements are reactivated, you can delete the YouTube cookies. Read here to also:

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  • Cookies in Safari: Enable, block and delete
  • Delete Google Chrome Cookies

Alternatively, you give the following command into the developer console of the browser and confirmed with "Enter":

  • document.cookie =&# 8221; VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE =; path = /; domain = 8221 ;; window.location.reload ();


YouTube advertising block: One should note

Who wants to block YouTube advertising not only, but will generally ad-free surfing through the net, to AdBlock can download free. The plugin for the browser blocked Werbeeinblendung page. However, as mentioned above, free web offerings of online advertising live. You should ad-blocker thus enabled only on pages that annoy with obtrusive advertisements or in any forward a restless and nervous sleep with remorse sleep.

YouTube advertising block: How to Firefox, Chrome, IE

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