Android: secure Scores and transferred

It's one thing to transfer Android apps on a new smartphone, an entirely different, however, &# 8211; and that we have neglected for too long &# 8211; to secure the scores and take on new mobile phone. We tell you the most common ways that you can do that.

9494transferred Android Scores
You have successfully your old beloved Android apps from a smartphone transferred to the other, but have to start from scratch in all matches again. Since you had to save you to broadcast as well. STOP! It is of course also possible to secure your Scores and transfer.

played for hours and after the cell phone changed every reservoir levels are gone? That must not be!played for hours and after the cell phone changed every reservoir levels are gone? That must not be!

Android Scores transmitted with root privileges

The easiest way to transfer the scores of Android games to another device, with root permissions and the app DataSync. Since app data will not be synchronized in most cases, a means must be found that does this job.

And as simple as that with DataSync:

  1. You invite you the app from the Play doors down (there are also the paid app DataSync + for € 1.99, which you can also copy data via Bluetooth or NFC) DataSyncdownloadQR codeDataSyncDeveloper: Quint StoffersPrice: Free
  2. Now you will select only the desired game whose data you want to transfer
  3. Since DataSync has a Dropbox connectivity, you can back up all here savegames and download again on the new Android phone, or synchronize

the process works equally well with Titanium Backup (the lite version is perfectly adequate). Here ensures ihir the complete app, the data is then stored in a separate file. Sent this file either by mail or transmits them via a USB cable and open it on the new phone. The game is now installed and takes all memory stalls over. You may, in this case, of course, the app of course, not yet installed.

Titanium Backup ★ rootdownloadQR codeTitanium Backup ★ rootDeveloper: Titanium TrackPrice: Free


Other backup apps for Android can be found here:

  • Android Apps Backup - Even without root app data secure (instructions)

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