PC assemble themselves: Fast and cheap to dream PC


screwdriverWho wants to tinker like a boss, concerned special electronic screwdriver *.

Ensures a bright space as possible, so that you also see what you do.

You will also should provide a large working surface for the assembly, such as a large desk. Store sensitive electronic components such as the motherboard best on the plastic wrap with which it was wrapped. Even magazines or the mouse pad are suitable.

Do you have proper tools? Normally, it does a simple Phillips screwdriver, there are also special screwdriver for electronics, which are slightly smaller.

Imagine a box or bowl beside the workplace in order to store screws briefly &# 8211; otherwise they could be missing out.

Anticipates installing touch a heating to discharge you.

Lest ye of the structure of our PCs instructions once completely and starts only when you understand the whole procedure.

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