Birth certificate lost: what to do?

With the birth certificate it has an official certificate of birth of a person. The document is for. As necessary if a passport or identity card is first applied for. Even when applying for parental benefits and the marriage certificate that is needed. Annoying it when the birth certificate was lost is.

Birth certificate lost: what to do?

At a loss or theft of the certificate you can apply for the document, however, and again request. In our guide you learn where you can get a new birth certificate.

Birth certificate is lost or stolen? apply new document

  • The birth certificate is re-issued by the registry office of the place of birth and not the place of residence.
  • For the new production of a birth certificate costs may be incurred.
  • The cost depends on the issuing authority. In Cologne you pay about 7 € for a new birth certificate. In Berlin, the fees are 10 €.
  • For the reissue of the document you should an identity card, keep a copy of your birth certificate or other document with proof of your person ready to use data such as birth and name.
  • Missing important information, this may lead to increased search effort at the registry office and result in longer waiting times and additional processing costs.


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Birth certificate lost: that one should note

Many registry offices has now the opportunity to apply for a birth certificate online. Alternatively, the form for the application online or on paper is the next registry office. Fills in this document. Applying for the new birth certificate for oneself and for lineal relations, ie children, parents or grandparents, possible. Also for the wife or the husband or siblings a new birth certificate may be requested. The relationship must also be proved by a birth certificate in these cases.


Legal bases for the birth certificate, the following standards:

  • § 61 and 62 Personal Status Law &# 8211; PStG
  • §§ 53-55 marital status Regulation &# 8211; PStV

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Image Sources: Lane V. Erickson, Nancy Catherine Walker, LI Chaoshu

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