Fritz: Power or info flashes – cause and solution

If flashes at the Fritz box the power or info-LED has a specific meaning. We tell you in this guide what the AVM router does when the power / Info lamp flashes and how it resolves again.

Cable Germany Fritz boxIf the power LED of the Fritz box flashes permanently, something is wrong.

Tip: Fritz box wireless LED flashes - it is&# 8217; s

Fritz: Power flashes - cause and solution

If the power LED of the Fritz box flashes, it tries to establish a DSL connection via the telephone socket. Is that done successfully, the LED lights up and stops flashing. If the power LED flashes but also permanently even after 10 minutes, something is wrong.

Note: With newer Fritz Fritz models such as the 7490, the corresponding LED is &# 8220; Power / DSL&# 8221; labeled. In older models are still two separate LEDs &Power; # 8220&# 8221; and &# 8220; DSL&# 8221; available.

The following causes are likely if the power LED of the Fritz box keeps flashing:

  • The Fritz box is not properly connected to the DSL cable to the phone jack: also checks whether all cables are intact and have no cracks or other. Ensures that the router is properly connected. Try other DSL cable *, if any.
  • The DSL access were not properly registered in the user interface of the Fritz box: To check the DSL connection, you navigate in Fritz box menu to point Internet access. In the tab Internet access can check their your data. These will be sent to you from your DSL provider usually by mail or online.
  • The DSL connection is still not accepted by your DSL provider: If you have a new DSL connection, it may be that this is not yet activated. This usually involves an appointment with a technician is necessary that activates the phone jack. Asks in doubt check with your DSL provider to see if the line is already unlocked. The review of the DSL connection, however, can cost money.
When the DSL connection is entered incorrectly, the Fritz box can not establish internet connection.When the DSL connection is entered incorrectly, the Fritz box can not establish internet connection.

Fritz: No internet because power LED flashes

As long as the power LED of the Fritz box flashes and there is no DSL connection, you also have no internet. If you have checked the above measures, either the phone jack or the Fritz box could have a defect. Closes in the case temporarily to another router, if any, and checks to see if it can login to the DSL access.

If this works, the problem is probably with the Fritz box configuration. Then reset the settings can help. In the worst case, the Fritz box is defective. Here you will find current offers:

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Fritz: No internet

If the Fritz box still can not establish Internet connection, you can still try the current FritzOS firmware aufzuspielen. Is that the power LED Flashing after a FritzOS update occurred, it may help if you used the previous version of DSL again:

  1. You can find the relevant settings in the Fritz box menu below Internet > DSL information > immunity.
  2. Check the box at the bottom Previous use DSL version.
  3. Click on the button Take.
Fritz box: Here you activate to use the previous version of DSL.Fritz box: Here you activate to use the previous version of DSL.

Furthermore, can you also try to push the overlying Riders of maximum performance at maximum stability.

Fritz: info flashes - cause and solution

If the Info LED flashes on your Fritz box, which may be because:

  • The Fritz box just installed an update: If the info display flashes for an update and there are errors, then reboots the Fritz box through and clears the cache of your browser. If that does not work, you invite the recovery program from AVM down and follow the instructions. After that you can reinstall the Fritz box update.
  • WLAN security settings are transferred to a Fritz WLAN Stick: If the error after connecting the Fritz WLAN sticks occurred, it draws him first again. Connects your PC via a network cable with the Fritz box and sign up in the browser at the Fritz box. Navigate to WLAN, radio network and enables the AVM Stick option & Enable Surf. Click to save the changes.
  • when hardware or software errors: Check your Fritz box settings and performs a Fritzbox reset.
  • a phone or smart home device is logged on at the Fritz box: is waiting in the case until the registration completed. If the flashing is permanent, the Fritz box tries to restart or perform a reset.

Note: For the solutions may expanded view must be activated. Considering also that the info-light also blinks when their purpose under the Fritz box settings system > Buttons and LEDs have configured a specific event.


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