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Also this spring, one of the major media events increases with the Super Bowl again. Yesterday, the NFL season reaches its peak with the 51st Super Bowl. Not only football fans today, millions gathered overnight to the Super Bowl in 2017 in front of the television. Those who could not go through the night or wanted can turn to repeat the mega-TV events today. Below you find out when the Super Bowl in 2017 repeats are shown.

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Update: Super Bowl 2017 &# 8211; View replay

Until had in the early morning sports fans endure before there was a decision in the NFL finale. One or the other may have made limp, others already had their way to work begin before the winner was chosen during transmission. If you missed the TV event tonight, has some opportunity to see the Super Bowl in the repetition or in highlights as a summary. We tell you where this goes:

  • Who wants to see a detailed summary of the Super Bowl evening including show around it, switched online at to summarize in a Stream: For
  • In the TV there is a recurrence. ProSieben MAXX begin at 9am again with the preview before the kick-off starts the final against 11:40 in the repetition.
  • Seated her in the office and not can turn in the repetition, it is advisable to look at the service SaveTV. This can you program recording online and thus watch the Super Bowl as a repeat later. During the trial period after the first login, the service may be gentuzt free.

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Also this year you can switch at Sat.1 for Super Bowl 2017 live stream and TV. Today Los already comes with the preliminary reports at ProSieben MAXX at 20:15, at Sat.1 transmission starts at 22:55 going on. Sat.1 even half an hour this year goes on air earlier than last year.

TV online see with Magine*

Those who can not make night into day, can the record Super Bowl. This is possible with the online video recorder SaveTV. In an exclusive GIGA-action you get the XL Access the occasion of the mega sports events for 51 days for free (instead of 30).

Date for the Super Bowl LI 2017: Live on TV and repetition

  • Also in 2017, the season highlight in American football will again be held on the first weekend of February.
  • Date for the Super Bowl LI, the 51st Super Bowl history is on , February Sunday 5.
  • The venue will be the NRG Stadium in Houston.
  • A few days before the event now is also clear which teams meet in the Super Bowl 2017th The pairing in the Super Bowl LI is New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons.
  • ProSieben MAXX you can turn to the Vorberihten on Sunday at 20:15. Sat 1. takes over the live broadcast on the port.
  • Who would not want to stay awake as long can turn to repeat the Super Bowl on Monday. ProSieben MAXX starts counting at 9 am, the game itself will start at 11:40. Of course you can also Super Bowl repeat in 2017 with SaveTV * if you are asleep when transmitting on Sunday.

The Patriots defeated the AFC Conference Final, the Pittsburgh Steelers with 36:17. For quarterback Tom Brady is the seventh participation in the NFL finale. The Falcons won 44:21 against the Green Bay Packers and secured the first time in club history the way into the Super Bowl.

Also this year, more than 800 million spectators will cheer world to the TV sets in the final of the American football season. The halftime show is next to the sporting event, the highlight of the evening. 2017 Lady Gaga is the center of attention.

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Super Bowl 2017: repeat today online and on TV

Before going to the big event, the NFL teams, of course, had to go through the NFL season 2016/17. This takes place for the 97th time.Super Bowl 2017: repeat today online and on TV

  • Start of the regular season in the NFL was on 8 September 2016th
  • A total of 256 games in the regular season will be played.
  • The regular season lasts 17 weeks game in which the teams each deliver 16 games and have a week off with the "Bye Week."
  • 17 matches will be played as a Monday Night game.
  • run the play-offs of 7 January 2017 the Wild Card Round by the end of February 5, 2017 Super Bowl.
  • Highlight and season's degree is the Super Bowl on February 5, LI 2017th
  • Radiating TV stations in the US FOX.
  • In Germany, the next Super Bowl will be on show at Sat.1.

In the wild card round, the Pittsburgh Steelers sat down on January 7 and 8 against Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans against the Oakland Raiders by. Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers prevailed against the Detroit Lions and New York Giants. Next weekend, it goes into the Quarterfinals of the NFL Season. The dates of the Divisional Playoffs:

  • 01.14.2017, 22:35: Atlanta Falcons &# 8211; Seattle Seahawks
  • 01.15.2017, 02:15: New England Patriots &# 8211; Houston Texans
  • 19:05: Kansas City Chiefs &# 8211; Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 22:40: Dallas Cowboys &# 8211; Green Bay Packers

When is the Super Bowl in 2017? Date, date and location

Fans of American football can look forward in the next season back on regular reporting with numerous live games at ProSieben MAXX. Who wants to have the complete package live with all the games, as usual, can pick up the NFL Game Pass. The Game Pass entitles you to access the live stream as well as the repetition of all the NFL games of the season. In addition, there are more videos, features and Extreas of fans of the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and Co.

For this, the Rams return after 21 years from St. Louis back to Los Angeles. The Minnesota Vikings have with the U.S. Bank Stadium also a new home found.

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