Vikings: Season 4 – Start date in Germany

Vikings one of the highlights of the series productions from recent years. In three seasons 29 episodes so far been shown. A fourth season of Vikings is already broadcast in Canada and the USA and in Germany it is soon going on with Vikings Season 4th

Shortly after the premiere of the third season in February 2015, the production of Vikings season 4. Aired the new episodes in the country of Canada are already in February began. Now the Germany-start for the new episodes of Vikings Season 4's for sure.

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596823This series seasons we can not wait for 2016

Vikings: Season 4 - Start date of new episodes and trailer in the video

In the US and Canada Season 4, since February 18, 2016 aired on History. In Germany it goes on Wednesday, June 15, with new episodes on. Then Amazon Prime is the first ten episodes of the Viking series on the stream. The second half of the new season will be submitted during the year. As part of the Comic-Con 2015, there was already a first, bloody trailer for the fourth season of Vikings:

26831Vikings Season 4 Comic Con Trailer
Even in the new episodes do not have to dispense with various conflicts with Ragnar and Lagertha center stage. New to the cast of the fourth season of Vikings include Peter Franzen and Jasper Pääkönen that will take on the role of the Norwegian King Harald Fine Hair and his brother Halfdan. Fans of the series can look forward to 2016 especially the start of the fourth season. This is in a elongated shape with a total of 20 new episodes give around Ragnar and Co..

In the fourth season, the feud between Ragnar Lothbrok Floki continues. Harald Fine Hair wants meanwhile dominate throughout Norway. From its own ranks Lagertha and Aslaug try to seize power.

Vikings: Season 4 - Start date in Germany

The end of the third season suggests attention to an intensified conflict between Ragnar and his brother Rollo.

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Vikings: Season 4 - Start in Germany?

The third season was made available in the summer from June 15 Amazon Prime in the stream. The fourth season will also be presented on this date in Germany. On free TV the second season debuted in April at ProSieben. Currently ProSieben Fun HD shows the third season of Vikings in the pay-TV. Once it gets a release date for Vikings Season 4 in the German TVgeben, we will inform you at this point about it. Until then you can check out the time with the best "Game of Thrones" alternatives distribute.

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