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You are users of Google Chrome and want to save your Chrome session? For this, it is best to use extensions that can easily add to the browser it. With these apps you can back up a browser window, along with the open tabs and load it again later.

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Save Chrome session - via browser settings

When it comes to you exclusively about seeing the last viewed pages of you every time you start the browser? Then performs best just follow these steps:

  1. Launches Chrome.
  2. Opens the Chrome menu by pressing Alt + E or over the three bars at the top right of the browser window.
  3. Click on "Settings".
  4. "Open Recently viewed pages" option was enabled in the "My Home".


Open last pages automatically - ChromeChrome &# 8211; Open last pages automatically

Tab Saver

The add-on Tab Saver was created specifically for backing up and retrieving Chrome sessions.

You need to add just click in a browser window on the top right tab Saver logo to save or load sessions. It converts all your tabs with just a few button presses into a list. Just as easy you can call up the window again later.

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Also TabCloud is specially designed for backing up sessions and the loading of saved sessions. In addition, you can load the windows in a cloud and thus later retrieve from other computers.

The requirement is that you have a Google Account, since you have to login to you before use. Following the TabCloud icon you see in each Chrome window top right. Here you can easily save over sessions and shop. For Android users also TabCloud for Android is available.


session Buddy

Session Buddy is a session manager can save with their Chrome also your session and open it later. In addition, the following is possible with the tool: Export of link assemblies in various formats for use in e-mail, documents, spreadsheets and posts. In addition, you can create sessions based on URL lists. Also this extension after installing in each window top right and can be operated intuitively.

session Buddysession Buddy

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