Sun can be added to OpenOffice footnotes

The OpenOffice download is the first choice for many users when it comes to create text documents on your own computer. The OpenOffice Writer offers this many options to reformat his lyrics appealing and output.

Footnotes can be used in OpenOffice as a useful element to enrich texts with additional information. Sun can be added or, for example, a presentation on a selected term specify literature information for further explanations using the footnote in OpenOffice.

use footnotes in OpenOffice

A footnote in OpenOffice insert is very simple. Control over the menu bar "Insert" section at. Here the option "foot / endnote" place. A footnote is imaged in a skirting board at the end of a page, the explanations on the end note to be inserted at the end of the document or a predetermined portion. By default, the numbering of OpenOffice is automatically assigned to the footnotes. The numbering starts at 1. Now add behind another footnote one, it is automatically marked with "2". Add, however, before the side marked "1" Footnote subsequently a new one, move the numbers accordingly. You can also set their own signs for labeling footnotes in the appropriate window.

OpenOffice footnote ScreenshotWith footnotes in OpenOffice texts can be enriched by additional information

Settings for formatting the footnote in OpenOffice

The presentation of the footnotes can be designed according to your wishes among the styles. If you want to install the footnotes for example in a different font or font size in the text that you select from the menu bar "format&# 8221; > &# 8220; Styles ". In character styles (shown with the "A" on the sheet in the selection bar of styles) the requirements for the footnote anchor, and the footnote reference mark found. The footnote anchor denotes the marking of the footnote in the text that anchors the presentation of the footnote in the footer of the site. Here can the font, but also specify the position or a font effect for the footnote in OpenOffice.

OpenOffice footnote ScreenshotChange the formatting of footnotes in OpenOffice according to his own request

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