How does Instagram? Explained Easily understandable

How does Instagram? Most now have probably heard somewhere from the social network Instagram. But what exactly is Instagram and how does it work? And you can make money with it really? The answers to these questions you will find in the following article.

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How does Instagram and what is this all about?

Instagram is a social network &# 8211; Unlike Facebook, Google+ and Co. is all about here but to share photos, videos and images: Instagram offers you the opportunity to upload photos and videos and share them with your friends or comment on other photos.

  • Instagram is for mainly used as an app on smartphones &# 8211; Once installed on the device you can take pictures and then download them directly in the app with your smartphone.
  • On the computer, it is possible also to use Instagram &# 8211; However, you can only look at you here the photos.
  • The app was introduced in 2010 and first proved relatively quickly as a great success &# 8211; In 2012 she was bought for about $ 1 billion of Facebook.
  • Meanwhile, about 16 million people worldwide use Instagram.
  • Since 2016 Instagram has a new logo.
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install Instagram &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

The installation of Instagram is relatively simple: Basically, you only need a valid email address. Then you have to download and follow these steps, only the app:

  • After downloading you register you initially with your email address.
  • Then you your login information (username, password) to give.
  • Then you can the Instagram account optional with other private information (for example, full name, telephone number) complements and upload a profile photo.
  • Alternatively you can sign up with a Facebook account at Instagram.

That you may have Instagram installed and you can login to you and start to take photos and share them with the rest of humanity. Who the above instructions was too short, here you'll find a more detailed explanation: Register Instagram and set: The start guide. In the next section we show you how images aufnehmt with Instagram and shares.

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How does Instagram? Take photos and share

The most important feature of Instagram is the record their photos or videos and share the photo sharing can. Thats how it works:

  1. Opens the app. want now you can decide yourself if you take the photos and videos directly to Instagram or import from the photo album on your smartphone &# 8211; in both cases you typed first on the camera icon at the bottom of the app.
  2. To take the photo you typed in the blue circle at the bottom and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. To upload the photo you tap on the square icon with the points and select the folder where the image is located, out.
  4. If you took the image or selected from the album, you can do it then be edited in Instagram &# 8211; this app offers a relatively wide range of special effects and different filters.
  5. Read in addition also the guide Instagram edit images for beginners.
  6. Moreover, their captions and Location can insert.
  7. Finally, you have to your choices only &# 8211; the picture is made public and can be viewed from all Instagram users.

If you are looking for alternatives to Instagram, helps you the following products: Instagram &# 8211; The best alternatives for iOS and Android.

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Instagram Direct &# 8211; specifically send photos

With the "direct Instagram&# 8221; can you photos and videos directly to one or more selected send friends, rather than publishing in general. The function uses her so:

  1. Typed after you upload the image on the button Direct - some options now appear in green.
  2. then give the names of users (are allowed up to 15 people) to want to send her the picture.
  3. Finally, it confirms yet einma with sending - the photo is then sent to the selected persons.

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earn money Instagram &# 8211; Is that possible?

Most people use Instagram mainly to look for fun and to be funny, interesting and creative photos from all over the world. But it is also professional: The American Daniel Arnold had, for example, the incidence of his photos at a price of $ 150 per image on its more than 22,000 Instagram followers to sell. With success: after a day he earned dollars to over 15,000. So far, this is still the exception rather &# 8211; but it is definitely possible to make money with Instagram. Read on the subject the article with Instagram Money: 5 professional tips.

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