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The Play Store is not available on your Android device or you have deleted it accidentally thanks root privileges? Not so bad, downloading the Play Store APK on this page you can Google's App Store reinstall.

It is possible that the Play Store is not installed on an Android device. But even if your old version of the application despite all attempts simply do not want to perform the Play Store update, it can help to download the APK manually and install. Whatever, ever may be the reason that you are looking for the Play Store APK are hereby the search is completed.

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download APK: Google Play Store & to install

If your Android device via the regular Google Play services has also installing the Play Store itself should not be a big problem. If absent for some reason the Play Store or was deleted, it is simply as follows to install the app store Google back on your Android device:

  1. Invite you out the Google Play Store APK of our Seiter down. That you can do either with your computer and then transfer the file via USB cable to your Android device or you load the APK down right from the browser of your mobile device.
  2. Next, you have the installation &# 8220; unknown sources&# 8221; Enable in your Android phone, if you have not done this before. Just go to the settings on the menu item &Security; # 8220&# 8221; and allows the installation of apps from unknown sources by her sets the hook next to it.
  3. Then you've got to navigate and tap this, then the installation process starts only in your file manager to the Play Store APK.


If you still need a detailed guide on how to install an APK manually, you can read following: install APK &# 8211; Android apps without Google Play Store. If still have more far-reaching problems with the installation of the Play Store in particular, you could also help the following items: Install Play Store &# 8211; fix problems with Google's app store.

Google Play Store with custom firmware?

CyanogenMod CMEven with the CyanogenMod or other custom firmwares you can re-install usually the Google Play store. Actually comes custom firmware without the Google services from, but if you do not want to do without the Play Store or other Google Play services, you must install the so-called Gapps. - Here's the Google Play Store (Gapps) install: how her Gapps and thus the installed Google Play store under a custom firmware, we show you the following article is an overview of the contents and.

Have you fed up with Play Store? here&# 039; s alternatives!

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