eBay Classifieds: – Call Customer Service with Hotline – Is that possible?

With eBay Classified contact and contact by phone the customer service if there are any problems &# 8211; numerous customers of eBay Classifieds looking for exactly this possibility. However, the portal sees only as an intermediary that brings together sellers and potential buyers. Is there, therefore, any one customer at eBay Classifieds? And to whom you can contact you if there is some trouble? The answers can be found here.

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eBay is not as high for several years in favor of customers &# 8211; for the online portal eBay Classifieds has risen with, however, the well-known name in the logo, but otherwise not much in common with eBay. In contrast to the online auction site eBay eBay Classifieds is more of a virtual marketplace where buyers and sellers meet &# 8211; similar to earlier the classifieds section of the newspaper but just online on the Internet. But to whom you can actually call if there are problems? Is there a way to eBay Classifieds to contact?

For online contact eBay Classifieds*

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eBay Classifieds: contact the customer service

eBay Classifieds sees itself primarily as a mediator: The portal provides a platform on which to meet suppliers and potential buyers and negotiate all the details themselves. Nevertheless, there is the possibility to contact the operator.

  • eBay Classifieds array yourselves a contact form available online, enter on the her your concerns and as a message send can.
  • Give here in any case your e-mail address and the display number.
  • The processing of the concern may take up to 48 hours &# 8211; so you have to bring a little patience.
  • Whether the customer service of eBay Classifieds can really help you, of course, is another question &# 8211; Experience shows that the online service leaves from many providers and portals to be desired and you only get standard answers.
  • It is better, therefore, to look at the help page of eBay Classifieds even if the issue is treated there.
  • In addition, you should make direct contact with the buyer / seller if there are problems sending or receiving the goods.
  • It makes sense to also negotiate a purchase agreement between private before completing the transaction

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eBay Classifieds HelpOn its own help page explains eBay Classifieds, how can you solve their problems.

Occurrence for eBay's classifieds

If you have problems after direct contact with the seller to get the product or to get money for a mailed item, you can report the damage case with eBay classified ads. The customer service will take care of the case and, where appropriate, take further steps.

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If the eBay Classifieds customer service phone number?

Many customers want despite the Internet and ubiquitous networking is still the telephone contact. Unfortunately, eBay Classifieds does not offer phone number &# 8211; after all, but there is a possibility the company at the following fax number to reach: 030/308324531.

If you want your concern set out in writing, you use the following address into the low charging to get in touch:

Marktplaats B.V.
Wibautstraat 224
1097 DN Amsterdam

Read also with us, as you can use on the iPad the eBay Classifieds app.

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