Game of Thrones on free TV on RTL2 – broadcast dates of season 6

It will not be long and the sixth season of Game of Thrones is running at last in German Free TV * to. An exact start date is now fixed and final. As in previous years, the free TV premiere of the current GoT relay will be held in the spring and the 2017th It starts on Saturday, March 12 with a double episodes vonGame of Thrones Season 6 on RTL2. We have the time and broadcast dates for you.

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Game of Thrones on free TV: Season 6 starts at RTL 2

It's nice if some things remain so in times like they were and you can rely on. RTL2 has for several weeks the seasonal Game-of-Thrones-marathon in the program, showing all the episodes from the first season. Meanwhile, the story is well advanced and it goes into the final episodes for the time being. Race is on Saturday, March 11 at 20:15. will in the coming weeks &# 8220; Game of Thrones&# 8221; -Season 6 aired on free TV each in a double episode. On the first weekend in April, there is the grand finale with four episodes at a time.

resulttitlemeetingtime of day
6.1.The Red Woman11 March Saturday20:15
6.2.At home11 March Saturday21:15
6.3.Oathbreaker, March 18 Saturday20:15
6.4.The book of the stranger18 March Saturday21:20
6.5.The gate25 March Saturday20:15
6.6.Blood of My Blood25 March Saturday21:25
6.7.the BrokenApril 1st Saturday20:15
6.8.NobodyApril 1st Saturday21:15
6.9.The battle of the hybridsApril 1st Saturday22:25
6.10.The winds of winterApril 1st Saturday23:35

Who is not home to the appointments or wants to turn later to the consequences of the sixth season, the TV program can record from RTL2 with SaveTV online *.
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Until then, we wait for news about the shooting of Season 7 and ask ourselves if Season 8 will really be the final season. Moreover, even the release date of the GoT-Season 6 DVD-ROM stands for those who do not want to wait for the free-TV premiere in Germany on RTL2, firmly.


Game-of-Thrones-free TV premiere of Season 6

As in recent years, RTL2 shines before the season start again all previous seasons in a TV show marathon completely. So the binge-watching, nothing stands in the way. All broadcast dates on RTL 2 takes her up.

Game of Thrones - Season 5 will air on the German free-TV broadcaster RTL2 in of Thrones &# 8211; Season 6 is shining on the German free-TV broadcaster RTL2 in March*

Where can I see the premiere on free TV?

Game of Thrones Season 6 will run on free TV on RTL. 2 If you have no television connection, there are several ways to receive a RTL 2 Live Stream:

  • About the streaming provider Magine there is a live stream. *
  • Zattoo there is also a stream: Zattoo download.
  • With the RTL II Now app you can also watch a RTL2 stream, but only mobile with iPhone and Android smartphone and costs.
  • HBO received in Germany. Is that possible?

Game of Thrones: Season 6 on DVD and streamed

  • game-of-thrones-scale 5-dvdIf you can not wait for the fifth season of Game of Thrones on free TV is running, you can also pick a stream on the Internet looking for: Game of Thrones &# 8211; 5. Season the stream.
  • There is already a date for the release on DVD and Blu-ray: On March 17, 2016 is here so far *.Game of Thrones on free TV on RTL2 - broadcast dates of season 6Game of Thrones on free TV on RTL2 - broadcast dates of season 6  One can, for example, pre-order from Amazon the silver discs.
  • However, the new episodes can watch Amazon Instant Video is already. *Game of Thrones on free TV on RTL2 - broadcast dates of season 6Game of Thrones on free TV on RTL2 - broadcast dates of season 6
  • If you can not even watch the show because you are prevented, you can also simply contact the online video recorder Save.TV *.

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