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You're at the chat in Messenger, on social networks and forums, the Internet teems with abbreviations. Because these acronyms and abbreviations, however, often derived from English, a derivation is often not easy. In this guide we'll tell you what the acronym or "A / S / L" means "asl".

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translation & Meaning of the abbreviation "asl"

The abbreviation "asl" stands for "Age, Sex, Location "which simply translates to" age, sex, mean residence '. The chat partner will thus learn what age you have, whether you are male, female or andersgeschlechtlich and where you live or you currently be an issue. In addition to the conventional spelling "asl", the abbreviation is often written in the form "A / S / L".

A typical conversation that begins with the abbreviation, consequently, might look like:

A: "asl?"
B: "25 / m (ale) / Germany"

Of course, it is your free choice how much their award give. Also the conversation could look as follows:

A: "A / S / L?"
B "is closely blank / also goes none of your business / and goes up certainly nothing on!"

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Using the abbreviation "asl" on the Internet

Obviously, the abbreviation is used exclusively to chat with you unknown persons. In normal usage, the abbreviation does not occur actually &# 8211; it would be very strange if someone asks you for your gender and the whereabouts when he stands in front of you.

But even with anonymous chats stands has a bad reputation because the questions are very personal, of course, and you should not tell anyone stranger on the Internet no matter where you are staying or living. So if you, the abbreviation same as the first question in the chat room, it is not uncommon when people ignore you or block. Also you should, of course, approach the matter with caution, if someone asked you at the beginning of "asl" and blab all your data immediately. You never know who is sitting on the other side of the connection.

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