Skype does not work: Unable to login – problems currently

With Skype you one of the most common tools has to communicate over the Internet, either via the written word or via webcam. Annoying it when a Skype application is not possible. This can have various causes. 

Skype does not work: Unable to login - problems currently

Of course, you should first consider when troubleshooting if your Internet connection is working properly, after all, the Skype chat is transmitted online. Today, on Tuesday, March 7, the most intense debugging but does not help. Currently, there seems to be making a login in Skype, but also in many other services impossible bigger problems with Microsoft accounts. One is already aware of the problems and working on a solution. So if you currently can not log on to Skype, patience must bring. Even with Xbox Live, OneDrive, Outlook and other Microsoft services is a login is not currently possible without problems.20095Skype: The most important features

Skype login currently not possible (March 2017)

it is users worldwide currently not possible to log on to Skype. Still, registered users can use the messaging service is very limited. So messages do not arrive or only belatedly to the chat partner. The private status can not be changed, be friendly contacts as &# 8220; offline&# 8221; displayed, even if they are using Skype online. Both on the PC and in the app version of the login is currently little or not at all. In the Web service allestö the messages is on the rise about the fact that Skype is down. The Skype Support has now also reported itself to the problem and is working on a quick solution. It should already be possible to send text messages, phone calls, however, for the Messenger strike still. A detour via the web version of Skype in the browser is currently not possible. Anyone who tries to log in this way, only gets to see an error page. skype-work-no-more

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Skype crashes &# 8211; Message causes error (error now corrected)

A few months ago there was a serious bug in Microsoft's Messenger. Used to a specific string, the program has crashed. The error occurred in both the Windows version, as well as the Android and iOS apps for Skype. Only Mac users and users of the Windows Store app were spared from the bow. was problematic in the Skype crash that also restart led to no troubleshooting. If the message history deleted manually, the program draws an online backup. The only solution for the Skype crash remained to fully uninstall the program and an older version (Skype 6.x) on the hard drive to set up. In addition, the sender of the message had to remove the content in question again. Microsoft knows the mistakes already and is working under high pressure on a solution. Skype's downgrade is only possible on the PC and not with the respective apps.34575Installing Skype Video

Skype down: Unable to login? This can be done

Even away from global Skype problems, it may happen that the service does not work for you.

  • Parallel downloads can take the Internet line strong, so Skype can not connect to the servers.
  • In addition, you should ensure that your user name and password has been entered correctly.
  • no longer recognizes her your login details, read on here: Forgot Password Skype &# 8211; what to do?.
  • Checks in your anti-virus software and the firewall if needed for the Skype application ports are enabled.
  • In particular, the ports 80, 443, and the ports of 1024 are required to sign in to Skype.
  • Furthermore, you should make sure that the latest version of Skype is on the hard drive.
  • The developers are working regularly thereon to fix bugs and security holes in the software, so you should always work with the latest version of Skype.

skype-registration-not work-

Skype application is not possible: Here there is help

  • With us you will find the latest version of Skype for free download.
  • Also ensures that you have installed on your Windows version, all service packs and the latest updates.
  • While Skype works without browser connection, but some settings from Internet Explorer are applied to the chat program.
  • Therefore, you should make sure that the Internet Explorer is also located in the latest version on the hard drive.
  • In a pinch, it is recommended to delete the IE completely and cleanly reinstalling on the hard disk.
  • Alternatively, you can also reset Internet Explorer.
  • Skype also uses the IE settings if Microsoft's application is not your default browser.
  • Should you find only a blue screen instead of the Skype application, creates a link of Skype on the desktop
  • As the location selects its "C: \ Program Files \ Skype \ Phone \ Skype.exe&# 8221; / Legacylogin ", or"&# 8221; C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Skype \ Phone \ Skype.exe&# 8221; / Legacylogin) "with a 64-bit system.
  • Performs Skype now via the link.

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Skype works fine with you? Or you swear now to another Messenger on the PC? Post your impressions and other tips on how you got back up and running Skype in the comments!

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