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Is an Android smartphone connected via USB to the PC, it should be recognized normally directly from Windows. If this is not the case and suggests the connection between android phone and computer fails, you should install the MTP driver manually.

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In this video, we have collected a few tips if your Android phone is not detected on your PC.

The MTP driver to ensure that the Android device is similarly handled like a USB flash drive and so forth data between Android memory and hard disk and can be procrastinated.

  1. After connecting the Android tablets and smartphones, this should be automatically detected.
  2. Ensures the settings of the device that this as a mass storage (Avoid synchronization MTP) is connected to the PC.
  3. also enabled the USB Debbuging in the device.
  4. If the smartphone indeed be recognized represents the connection type of MTP on the camera mode.
  5. the setting is now turning back and the driver should be reinstalled automatically.
  6. Checks whether a virus scanner or firewall prevent the MTP driver is installed.

So you can install MTP driver

Usually Apple's iPhone and iPad devices of Windows are automatically detected. Even with Windows Phones almost no problems installing Windows occur. The situation is different in some Android devices. Before you try to install the MTP driver manually to connect the smartphone to the PC, some USB settings of the smartphone should be observed. Thus, one should z. B. Enable USB debugging before connecting to the computer.

USB debugging activate frame by frame

In the phone settings, the device should be enabled as a mass storage. The option can be found under "USB settings" and "Advanced settings" - "USB connection".

usb mpt-device

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MTP driver install does not work? Help and Solutions

If there are problems with the automatic Installation of MTP driver give, open the Control Panel and calls the view for the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" on. Here a yellow should be found warning triangle. Click the right mouse button and select "aktualsieren driver software". Addiction "on my computer for driver software". Now the smartphone should be properly recognized by Windows. If this is not the case, install the MTP driver may deliver prevented by an antivirus program. Disables security software temporarily and connects the device to the computer again. A faulty installation of Samsung Kies or similar control software for the Android phone can ensure that a connection fails. Uninstalled the application and install it from scratch.

With us you can also download Universal ADB drivers for Android devices.

mtp driver-install-error

MTP driver to be installed again by a small workaround. Closes the device to the PC and look for the USB icon with the message "connected as a media device". Opens the advanced USB settings and dials instead of "Medoengeräts MTP" connect via "Camera PTP". Now Windows performs a USB installation. Reactivated "Media device (MTP)." The smartphone is removed as a camera and appears after a short setup time again as "portable media player".

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