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With free Free2-play shooter Operation7 friends of action-packed online shooter get all the support that the gamer heart can dream of.

You are a sniper with fast fingers or rather the brute, the past will send a friendly greeting from his AK47e his grenade? Well, it does not have to necessarily be only the Russian standard gun, with which you play your opponents to the brink of Verzweifelns. Equal to 40 different weapons and about 70 weapons components waiting to be individually configured by you and used. But the fashionable gamers of today will get their money at Operation7, as well as the exterior is taken care of: The Tarnfleck suit in soft autumn colors or casual casual Dschungelhut is your soldiers are determined.

For all the action is also taken care of. On 15 different areas up to 24 fighters compete in day and night scenarios. But it does not always have only simple team vs. his team-Geballere. In addition to modes such as the classic Deathmatch or Demolition there is for example in which a member of your team is appointed General and the Head Hunting mode - and needs to be protected from you by all means, while the opposing General should depart this life as soon as possible.

Operation 7 is a Free2Play MMO. That is, the actual games is free. However, for very little money you can buy upgrades such as better weapons or ammunition later in the game. registration on the official website Operation7-is necessary before playing.

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