control the VLC Media Player via a web interface – Here’s how!

Surely one of the absolute special actions that a program like the VLC Media Player Download not to control beyond its normal surface but through a browser. To this end, VLC has a so-called web interface. But the first has to be activated.

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Sense of the whole thing is the remote control of VLC through a web interface in the browser. In this way the user can set the VLC Media Player, for example, also control another device.

activate the web interface in VLC Media Player

To activate the VLC Media Player web interface, the normal configuration menu is not enough. After all the necessary settings are located in the department &Interface; # 8220&# 8221; which can be reached only via the advanced settings.

Activate VLC Media Player Web Interface |

The VLC Media Player web interface is activated in the advanced settings

First, the general configuration is started by pressing Ctrl-P. The user must then far left, enable advanced settings below. In the new view you click through to &Interface; # 8220 &# 8211; main interfaces&# 8221;. On the right side it is now possible to activate several interfaces, but we are interested only &# 8220; Web&# 8221 ;.

Once this option has been provided with a hook, you must still save the settings. In theory, the time has come. The user can start a movie and control the surface of the VLC Media Player through the web interface in a browser.

Use the VLC Media Player Web Interface

The important word in this case is theoretical. For it has been shown that this does not work in most cases immediately. If this is the case, then one need not look far. The recipe is: Just the VLC media player close and start again. The web interface is so activated as a permanent option in the settings.

VLC Media Player Web Interface |

The VLC Media Player web interface works in all popular web browsers

Now it is relatively simple: the address is called in any browser. This opens the top to be seen web interface of VLC Media Player.

To download movies, the playlist of the player is recommended. All standard functions such as start, pause, scroll and even volume control and full screen, can be achieved in this browser interface.


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