Sharknado 6: Come 2018, another shark assault on us?

On August 10, the TV premiere of Sharknado 5 takes place on the pay-TV channel Syfy in Germany. We wonder, for this reason, what about a Sharknado 6th All information, rumors and news about Sharknado 6 we collect at this point.

Trash films, B movies or Mockbusters - low-budget productions are nothing unusual in the film industry, but "The Asylum" has managed in a relatively short time to the true cult film studio. Since 2013 they produce each year a new Sharknado Strip and the fascination with the ominous storm sharks does not seem to decrease. While there is no official announcement from The Asylum or Syfy, but we are sure us that Sharknado 6 has already been established on the to-do list for the 2018th

5941Sharknado 5: Global Swarming - Official Trailer (Syfy)

Actor Ian Ziering tweets about Sharknado 6

Ian Ziering plays in the Sharknado series the protagonists Fin Shepard. he wrote a day after the US premiere of Sharknado 5 already very confident on twitter:

The worst part is at the end of Sharknado5 that you have to wait a year on Sharknado 6th

So Ziering seems already to be convinced that in 2018 the next part will appear. Even if the statement of the actor have to mean anything, of course, it coincides with the success and the previously annual releases of the series.

The ratings speak for Sharknado 6

"Sharknado 5: Global Swarming" celebrated its television premiere in the US on 06 August 2017. Although the newest part was not the ratings of its predecessor "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens" achieve, but nonetheless provide a repektable performance for Syfy as TV By The Numbers reported. So looked Sharknado 5 products 1.89 million viewers at the US premiere, which Syfy could reach 0.6 per cent of the target group between 18-49. Sharknado 4 reached in the US and 0.8 percent in total 2.77 million viewers to its television premiere 2016th

based on the ratings in the US, so there is still great interest in the low-budget disaster films and a Sharknado 6 thus is only little resistance.

Once there first material or information (Trailer, shooting begins, etc.), you hear this at this point.

Collage: GIGA, source: The Asylum / SyfyCollage: GIGA, source: The Asylum / Syfy

Sharknado in video-on-demand services

Who to bridge a possible Sharknado 6 before the fifth part or the wait, again wants to see the first four Sharknado movies that can become on a large number of video-on-demand platforms. First stop for Hai-alarm fans is probably Netflix, which Sharknado, Sharknado 2: The Second One, Sharknado 3 - Oh Hell No! and Sharknado: The 4th Awakens have included in the flat rate. Maxdome * are the first three movies and Amazon Prime Video *Sharknado 6: Come 2018, another shark assault on us? the first two films in the flat rate included.

Of course, you can all but four films on iTunes *Sharknado 6: Come 2018, another shark assault on us?, JUKE *Sharknado 6: Come 2018, another shark assault on us? or digital purchase or borrow Google Play.

What do you think personally of the Sharknado movies? What is your favorite part and needs her even a sixth Sharknado in your life, or are the five already disaster enough? Let us know in the comments.

Provided by: The Asylum / Syfy


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