World of Warships: Myogi guide -All good for the first Japan-battleship

In World of Warships the Myogi is a truly formidable battleship of the Japanese nation on Tier IV since the start of the open beta. We show you how with the Myogi neat the lake recently in Wagamings game clears up.

62158World Of WarshipsLet us admit it, the first Japanese battleship Kawachi was not the screamer. Slow, sluggish, imprecise and with crappy coverage was this &Poor ship; # 8220&# 8221; a lesson in frustration tolerance. But the rocky road through the deep valley frustrating battles with the Kawachi has an end, because the successor ship Myogi has been thorough revisions a true gem!

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The Myogi at a glance

  • Warship (Schlachtkreuzer)
  • Tier IV - Japan
  • 45700
primary artillery
  • 3&# 215; 2356 mm turrets
  • 18.6 km range
  • 60.0 seconds for 180 ° rotation
  • Max Schaden HE: 5,700
  • Max Schaden PB: 10,000
  • 1.8 rounds per minute
Secondary artillery
  • 6x 120 mm cannon
  • 3.5 km range
  • 16x 152 mm cannon
  • 3.5 km range
  • No
antiaircraft gun
  • 6x 120 mm Flak
  • 4&# 215; 2 40 mm Flak
  • 4&# 215; 4 mm 12.7 Flak
  • 29.0 knots Maximum
  • 730m turning circle
  • 16.0 seconds rudder actuating time
  • 16.6 km visibility range
  • 10.7 km air recognizability

World of Warships: Myogi guide - airplanes, meet your death!

The Myogi was in closed beta of World of Warships almost as bad as the Kawachi, but since the open beta, the ship was again revised and now has more guns and especially a murder-Flak! Because at the time the latter was missing completely what the Myogi the main objective of making each Torpedo Bombers between Tokyo and Pearl Harbor.

worldofwarships 2015-07-07 17-17-11-071Against the Myogi flyers have little chance.

But the Myogi 2.0 can now use for air defense and beharken enemy planes already five kilometer range 120s their secondary weapon. With devastating success, for a season, which is not removed quickly you have to accept substantial losses when the Myogi has injected times.

Battlecruiser Ahoy!

Another sub Scheid for Kawachi and their US counterparts USS South Carolina and USS Wyoming is that the Myogi is a battle cruiser. So a battleship variant that more lightly armored than the basic type, but is it much faster.

worldofwarships 2015-07-07 17-14-03-808The Myogi is a sleek Schalchtkreuzer, in comparison to &# 8220; right&# 8221; Battleships quick as lightning dashes through the ocean!

And this can not be stressed enough, because compared to the lame US pots the Myogi sprayed with almost 30 accounts through the Pacific. Therefore, the Myogi can very quickly reach any point on the battlefield and there use their devastating firepower and unlocks close enough to sow in their murderous secondary armament death and destruction.

World of Warships: Myogi Guide - The thickest pipes far and wide!

Furthermore, the Myogi has also extremely good main guns. The 356 mm thick pipes are truly impressively and especially the PB ammunition caused devastating damage. Furthermore, the Myogi shoots up to 18 kilometers, four kilometers as it is visible at all!

worldofwarships 2015-07-07 17-11-31-512From the somewhat weak armor and the few guns aside, the Myogi is a very dangerous ship.

But keep in mind that you do not meet good at such high distances. So only shoots at maximum distance, if you have nothing better to do, because the reload time is extremely long and you only have three turrets. Effective it is, however, catch up closer and shake up the enemy formation in association with fast cruisers and aircraft carriers to hunt in the hinterland.

Myogi tips

  • Your ship is sauschnell, but the turning circle is very large, so watch out for torpedoes!
  • Uses your reconnaissance aircraft to locate torpedoes and Destroyed early.
  • Remember that your armor is worse than ordinary battleships, so do not be one in the long duels, beat quickly and decisively to and sweeps the enemy with a brutal attack -including secondary batteries &# 8211; path.
  • Your rear-mounted towers are ideal for rearguard action.

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