The Order 1886: The next time want to make a good game developers

Ready at Dawn has not just delivered us this year with The Order 1886, the best game of all time. This has also recognized the studio and will next time just once develop a good game.

11642The Order 1886 Video Test
It was advertised as a graphic reference. As one of the greatest games experience for the PlayStation 4. At the end of Ready at Dawn but not much more than a slightly more interactive movie offered us with The Order 1886th Although the graphics of players and the press was more than just the far reaches of the sky praised (despite margins), but the core of the game was rather poor: the gameplay. Here, the cover shooter was prevented from setting accents in its extremely short playing time. This was ultimately the great calamity of The Order 1866. A fact that now the developers have taken their lessons from.

You want The Order 1886 give a chance?*

In the past, emphasized the responsible development studio Ready at Dawn that The Order 1886 should not be a benchmark for future projects. Rather improvement was praised. A statement that underscored Studio founder Andrea Pessino now once again very clearly. Via Twitter, he posted a video on which spoke to him a fan. In the video we see the studio founders in the gym. According to a fan he would have this video can show the reviewers. How Pessino remarked then, would have been nothing. "We just have to make a better play next time. And we will, "said Pessino. What this better game to be accurate, but is still unknown.

The Order 1886 was published in the spring of this year and could in addition to great graphics, especially with his short game time, varying poor gameplay and lack of replay value make talk. In our test, the game could not achieve top marks.


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