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The new year is upon us! Lest ye in the embarrassing situation to have the first rocket to rise too early or slept through the New Year, you should take a close look at the time to throw. At felt 50 different clocks at home can be watched even get confused when it because now is just point the 12th For this, we will show you various ways and means by which you can follow closely the New Year's countdown.

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Atomic Clock

Using the widget, you have the current time after the atomic time just at a glance. Sets our site simply as a bookmark for the New Year's Eve and looks just before 12 passing to until the new year count down the final seconds. Below we present other solutions that the exact time can be displayed - no matter what the occasion is now also needs this.


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Get the exact time as a New Year's Eve countdown for birthday etc.

There are various ways to keep track of the New Year's countdown from home. But the time does not coincide exactly with all. But where is it now the most accurate? TV, PC, Internet? The display above is not really accurate to the millisecond, but deviates technich always results easily.

Danger: New Year's Eve an additional leap second is added this year. The earth rotates irregularly fast. To 00:59:59 CEST

  • New Year's Eve Countdown display The exact time! - GIGAOn the top right you have the current time in teletext.

    Of course you can time on TV display, but what exactly is it? It is not that accurate. Depending on reception (satellite, cable, Internet), the delay may be several seconds here.

  • This is especially evident in the time of football games in the summer, when already cheered at the pub opposite, however, even one such. As a result of the delay by receiving a live stream is slacking a few seconds as it travels over the Internet.
  • Who the exact number of seconds does not matter, but it could still resort to this possibility. So most programs show the time anyway just before New Year.
  • Of course, you also can just turn on the TV teletext. At each station, the time is displayed right above the text window. Nowadays you can call online, without having to turn on the TV teletext even.
  • Also on the Internet you can display the exact time of course. So there are various websites that display the New Year's countdown. These are fairly accurate, as accurate it comes up over the Internet.
  • in Windows you can display very precisely the time also. Thus the time in the Windows taskbar is accurate even possible, you should synchronize them before the countdown with Windows servers.
    • Click to the lower right corner on the clock in the taskbar.
    • then selects Change date and time settings.
    • Click Change now to the date and time.
    • Now you can synchronize the time.
    • If there is an error in the process, it tries a different server.
In Windows you can display the time. For this to be as current as possible for the New Year countdown, they should be synchronized before. The best 10 minutes before.In Windows you can display the time. For this to be as current as possible for the New Year countdown, they should be synchronized before. The best 10 minutes before.

read precise time over atomic clock

Even in our day and age, there are no special means no way to display the time for a New Year's Eve countdown or similar events to the hundredth of a second. but that is in everyday life, and also for New Year's, not really necessary, but ranges normally an accuracy of one second. This is best achieved through the website of the PTB &# 8211; the National Metrology Institute in Braunschweig. Here is the time to one second is displayed accurately. More is not possible over the Internet simple and moving. But when New Year's Eve countdown, it should not arrive in one way or another second also, after the big bang have usually begins minutes before.

Show exact time of the Metrology Institute in Braunschweig*

Atomic clocks: Atomic clocks are extremely accurate, since their time from the frequency of radiation transitions of electrons is determined by free atoms. For atomic clocks one speaks of primary clocks, since they are used as a balance for less accurate clocks.Atomic Clock

New Year's Eve Countdown safest in seconds with Radio Clock

Radio ClockMore specifically goes with radio controlled watches *New Year's Eve Countdown display The exact time! - GIGA. But here one should have any illusions that they are accurate to the hundredth. It comes from the atomic clock to own clock inaccuracies, which can not be fully compensated. However, these devices are much more accurate than the time in the teletext on the TV or times on the Internet. The delay is approximately 0.1 to 0.4 seconds, but that's only if the watch receives a new radio signal regularly.

For the New Year's countdown, birthday, etc. clocks are therefore the first choice in terms of accuracy. If you want to initiate precisely to the thousandth of a second, however, then you would have to make an atomic clock in the apartment for his New Year's Eve countdown. But that is perhaps a bit exaggerated.

See radio clocks at Amazon*

Last, but not least, of course, almost everyone is equipped with a smartphone. This can equip it with a corresponding countdown app. In addition, you can take a virtual fireworks on the screen while the time is slowly counted down towards 2017 with the right app. As an example can be found here each have a countdown timer app for Android and iOS for, download. Of course, the app stores for both platforms are filled with numerous other apps that do not have to hide in features.

New Year's Eve countdowndownloadQR codeNew Year's Eve countdownDeveloper: Aqreadd StudiosPrice: Free

Countdown to 2018! - New Year's EvedownloadQR codeCountdown to 2018! - New Year's EveDeveloper: Kenneth Edwards *Price: Free

The GIGA-editorial staff wishes a happy new year!


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