Dragon Ball Xenoverse: All Masters Signature moves and friendship levels

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Master Vegeta

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Master VegetaDragon Ball Xenoverse Master Vegeta

Have you completed the Saiyan Saga and be at least level 8, you meet Vegeta in Toki Toki City, where he is ready to accept you as a student, if you can defeat him in battle.

Have you defeated the Erzrivallen of Goku in the duel, teaches you the master of one of his signature moves, Galick Gun.

The second challenge Vegeta bescherrt you at the conclusion of the Move Final Barriage.

Now you should your Master Z-Soul Equipment &# 8220; I&8217; m the Strongest on Earth&# 8221; to get. That's not exactly a breeze, there is the not the item shop. Instead, you should take a plunge on the parallel quest number 5 and in &# 8220; Attack of the Saiyans&# 8221; conquer all Saibamen before you introduce yourselves Raditz and Nappa. It follows the fight against Vegeta, where the chance that Raditz and Nappa return. However, this event happens only if you have previously eliminated the Saibamen. Beat you now all three fighters, the Z-Soul-item could be waiting as a reward for you. If not, repeat the quest.

Following the third Challenge Vegeta you get the Shine shot.

Final handing you your master his Signature Move Final Flash.


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