What’s WPS and how the function can be activated?

What is WPS? Who At length to a router in order to go via WLAN to the Internet, will come sooner or later with the term WPS in contact. But what exactly does that mean? In the following article we tell you exactly what is behind the abbreviation and offers the advantages WPS. Then we show you how to activate WPS.

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What is WPS? the short version

If you want to connect with a router with a wireless network, you normally have to enter a wireless password that your connection protects against unauthorized access. Problem: The password is quite long, so when you enter is liable to errors. Moreover, it is not just very comfortable. WPS simplifies this process: The acronym stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and allows you to set up a secure wireless network by pressing a button.

What is WiFi? And how does it work?

What's WPS and how you activate it?

WPS since WLAN standard 802.11n standard supported by all wireless access points and wireless clients. Below, we show you how to enable WPS on the popular Fritz box.

  1. Opens first with http://fritz.box/ the surface of your Fritz box.
  2. now selects the menu item Wireless and then the Security submenu (see screenshot).
  3. Here you click on the tab WPS quick connection.
  4. Start Now click on WPS.

fritzbox WPS

Note: WPS offers a variety of connectivity options. The most widespread is the so-called push-button method (with the Fritz box by default). With this method you activate WPS by their presses on the WLAN button on the router. If your router does not support the method Push button, you can also activate a PIN her WPS. In this method, you are the Fritz box before an eight-digit PIN that you must then enter it into the user interface. A real time saver is not that but, as you just have to enter a different combination of numbers instead of the Wi-Fi password.

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connect wireless router with computer

Connecting you have to the router (the Fritz box in this case) still connect to the computer via Wi-Fi.

  1. Click to the lower right of the taskbar, select the wireless icon and select the desired wireless network.
  2. Now click Connect.
  3. Now you will be prompted to enter the wireless password. Ignores the prompt and presses instead for 5 seconds the WLAN button on the router.
  4. Routers and PCs are finding themselves constantly connects and you can save you the password.

connect other devices with the Fritz box

By WPS can find many other devices, such as connect a wireless printer with the Fritz box (or other routers).

  1. Expresses this again for 5 seconds the WLAN button on the Fritz box until it begins to flash.
  2. now connects the wireless device to the Netztwerk. The process differs depending on the device, many devices now offer but a separate WLAN button. this key also pressed for 5 seconds.
  3. Wireless device and Fritz box connect automatically.

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