Setting up Skype without Microsoft account: Find it in Windows 8

Who has Windows on his computer 8 seems to have no choice but to use Skype with a Microsoft account. In fact, you can use without Micorosoft account Skype continue. We show how this works.

Setting up Skype without Microsoft account: Find it in Windows 8

Who although Windows 8 uses on his computer, but will not set up a Microsoft account or Microsoft account does not want to associate with his previous Skype account can stay relaxed. Although Microsoft does not communicate that it is also possible to separate Skype &# 8211; For example, under a private nickname &# 8211; to use, but it is quite possible, as we would like to show you.

  • Tip: use Skype without a Skype account.

use Skype without a Microsoft account &# 8211; Step by step

  1. The pre-installed Skype app you have to first close or open not even.
  2. then open your browser and upload from the Skype website down the normal desktop client of Skype.
  3. After installation, you can start the program from the desktop. You can find it as a tile called Skype for desktop.


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use Skype with Microsoft account

Who else thinks and yet wants to link both accounts, first a Microsoft account must create if it has not already done. When you first launch Skype via the app in the tile surface, the link is automatically offered. Just follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

If you do not use Skype, and will you leave to delete your account completely, experience you delete in our instructions "Skype account &# 8211; with the help of customer service Skype Name Remove ", as you can do it.

What alternatives to Skype there, we say to you in our review "Skype Alternatives &# 8211; which is good? ".

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