ZIP code for Germany: You have to specify

In the Internet age, it is easy to order goods not only from Germany but from all over the world by DHL and co. Not always, however, the party put on a German version of the order-view. In some cases, you will be asked as part of the Address screen, for example to enter a "ZIP code".

Learn her what you have to register as "ZIP code" for orders to Germany.

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What's the zip code in Germany?

In a "ZIP code" is nothing other than the US version a postal code. The abbreviation "ZIP" is made up of the words "Zone Improvement Plan" and is also a five-digit number code as in Germany together. To better isolate the source area of ​​the zip code in the US is supplemented by an additional four-digit number that is appended to the rear.

  • Ordered their goods internationally to Germany, you carry in "ZIP code" your zip code.
  • In another address field you on your way and the other delivery information give one.
  • On the indication of "Germany" as country of destination, the "zip code" is used as an indication of the postal code of your residence.
  • Unlike in Germany, the place and only then the ZIP code is given in the US initially. In addition, the name of the country on the envelope finds himself at the US letter lettering.
  • If you do not know a postal code, you will find the right sequence of numbers for a particular street and a place to
  • The lowest zip code in Germany is "01001" and comes from Dresden.

ZIP code for Germany: You have to specify

ZIP Code is the postal code in Germany

In Germany Area Code 1941 were introduced. Having sat in the sixties Germany and GDR own postcode systems, is set to the currently known system with five digits since 1,993th The zip code is indicated on all letters, parcels and packages, to narrow the delivery location. While most postcodes cover various areas, including own PLZs in Germany are set for major recipient mailboxes.

ZIP code for Germany: You have to specify

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