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To change settings on the router, the corresponding setting options must be brought naturally to the screen. This reached her by the router is controlled through the browser. To let the router settings to display in the browser, it must be driven by IP address. Find out here how to determine the router IP address.

The router IP consists of four sets of numbers, eg. As Who wants to save time and effort, can try their luck and look directly at or below the router to the IP address. Often there is a label with the default address of the router.

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So you can find out his router IP address

  • For those who are not so lucky and the router IP address can be directly read from the device, there are just tools in Windows that reveal the magic number.
  • Opens refer to the Windows command prompt using the shortcut "Windows key" + "R".
  • There you give the command "ipconfig".
  • Acknowledges the command with the enter button and there appear multiple entries with IP addresses on the screen.
  • The IP address of the router is found in the entry "default gateway".
  • Copied the address out or writes it off to enter the series of numbers in the browser window.
  • With the appropriate IP address of the router can now be used to access all functions and settings of the unit.


Router: IP address to find out: Step by Step Guide

Usually the router manufacturers and DSL providers rely on special models for the Internet through the router. Below you will find an overview of the IP addresses of the standard router:

  • 1&1 Home Server: or
  • Apple:
  • Asus:
  • Fritz box:, or
  • D-Link:
  • Netgear:

If your router is not listed, you can the IP address to find out as follows:

  1. Open Windows command prompt
  2. Enter command "ipconfig"
  3. The IP address of the router is under "Default Gateway"

Router: IP address to find outOf course, the router with the computer must be connected via cable or Wi-Fi to find out the IP address in this way. Do you have a Fritz box, it is usually sufficient, "" in the address bar of the browser enter to open the settings. Is to find out the IP address for the device, give the command prompt "ping" one. As a result, you get the screen, select "Reply" with the appropriate IP address of the router. In a telecom router entering speedport.ip extends the URL in your browser in order to access the device's settings.

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