Galaxy Note 9: These functions would improve Samsung

No sooner has the Galaxy Note 8 there already Samsung goes on the offensive: The Galaxy Note 9 to be even better - especially in an area there would still be room for improvement. Are the engineers about not satisfied with the Galaxy Note 8?

Galaxy Note 9: These functions would improve Samsung

Galaxy Note 9: S Pen planned with more features

In an interview BJ Kang and Kim Cue have worked both in executive positions at Samsung Electronics' Global Product Planning Group, expressed together on the future of the Galaxy Note series. Also an interesting insight into the evolution of the Galaxy Note 8 (Test) is offered - for a long time are devices in this series not only interesting for business people.

According to Kang, the development team for the first time indulge in history no interruption, but continue to work directly on the successor. To date, there should have been such that the developers get a break shortly after the release of a flagship. Why Samsung is taking this step, is not mentioned. Perhaps the pressure of competition is just too high. With the Galaxy Note 8 the team but has already a lot done right, as well as our video shows:

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Samsung: Galaxy learned from note-7 debacle

After the disaster surrounding the Galaxy Note 7, in which batteries had greatly expanded, Samsung had to break new ground with the Galaxy Note. 8 According to the interview, the planning phase was "like never before so intense." A re-recall and a concomitant reputational damage had naturally be avoided at all costs. In particular, the use of the battery was controlled from the ground up.

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Samsung presents the Galaxy Note 8 a magnificent successor who has fallen already in the price. The retail price was 999 euros, but as far as we no longer have to put on the table to happiness:

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Samsung dissatisfied with the S Pen?

The Galaxy Note 9 of the S Pen is to be improved, says Kim Cue. The statement comes somewhat surprising. On the one hand, there were no related complaints from users, on the other hand, the Galaxy Note 8 is just come on the market - so why the improvements have not been implemented in the current flagship? would be possible for a deadline got in the way and Samsung already knows how the S Pen can be even better with the Galaxy Note. 9 Where do you see room for improvement at the upcoming Galaxy Note 9?

Source: Samsung Newsroom via SamMobile
Article picture shows Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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