Play a Youtube playlist with the VLC Media Player – Here’s how!

A much too little known feature of the fantastic VLC Media Player downloads is the ability to play videos from Youtube in the player without having to load the Web page. And even less known is the fact that you can even load its entire Youtube playlist in VLC Media Player. We need is an extension for VLC and a Youtube playlist.

4893Winload VLC media player YouTube video playlists

Any video on Youtube, we can play in VLC Media Player by simply opened with Ctrl-N The input window for network streams and there enter the address of the video. works much the same with playlists, but we need to upgrade something the player for it.

complement the VLC Media Player with the Youtube playlist Importer

There are numerous VLC Media Player enhancements that users can equip with several new features his favorite player yet. And that includes a programmed specifically for the VLC Media Player &# 8220; Youtube video and playlist importer&# 8220;.

This little script must be copied and after a restart of the VLC Media Player, we can also import youtube playlists as a network stream after downloading to a specific folder.

The file &# 8220; 149,909-playlist_youtube3.lua&# 8221; is great no 6 KB and it must be moved manually to the directory VideoLAN / VLC / lua / playlist in the Applications folder. Only then VLC Media Player is able to import only normal Youtube videos and playlists

Create a YouTube playlist and embed in VLC Media Player

In order to be able to create a playlist on Youtube, you absolutely must have its own Youtube account. Optionally, you can also log in with their Google Account information.

It's actually quite simple. Below each video there are several links and one of them is &Adding; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Clicking it adds the current track of the playlists and has got some none at all, they can also invest here. His Youtube playlist can be found in the new layout in the left menu. Alternatively, it is also listed when you click right on the arrow next to the user's own icon.

VLC Media Player Youtube playlist

With a small extension of the VLC media player will play every Youtube playlist

After so now can call the Youtube playlist, we can also copy the address from the browser to the clipboard. Then VLC Media Player is started. Ctrl-N to open the window, into which you can enter network addresses. There, the URL of the YouTube playlist will be inserted. Clicking Play starts displaying the entire video from Youtube playlist directly in the window of VLC Media Player.

The forward and reverse keys, the user can jump to the next or previous video. With this technique, an entire party can theoretically create a playlist and the music comes from the Internet.


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