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Google has unveiled its small HDMI stick last year, which allows you to play media from the Play Store and other services. Now maybe you introduce yourselves the question: Should ye buy the Chromecast or rather not?

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In general, Google's Chromecast is a very useful little device that can be quickly play content from smartphones, tablets or computers on a television. However, having to start with some basic requirements are met, so that the stick can ever be used.

Chromecast: The need her

Since Google's Chromecast is exclusively equipped with an HDMI connector, your TV must of course have a corresponding socket so you can connect it. Next, you should have a powerful WLAN possible because the Chromecast connects about this. Oh, and then you need of course a device from which the media content on the Chromecast the TV can be transmitted /. can be used while a smartphone, tablet or computer. If these conditions are met, you can check out now so deal with it if ye At length the HDMI stick or not.

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Buy Chromecast: This suggests

At first only a few services supported the stick, most notably Google's own products. Meanwhile, the offer has clearly increased, ranging from apps over games and photography to news and more. A very useful app for Android is named Cast store where currently find a total of 333 apps for Google Chrome Cast. However, this in part to the American market without notice (for example, Netflix, Hulu, etc.). But for iOS, there are already many apps as you as can read here.

These 20 Chromecast apps for Android evaluate your stick on

Amenities in Germany now includes services such as Watch Ever, Google Play Music and Movies, and more.

Sometimes, however, it need not even be a great choice, to convince. If you, for example, you look regularly videos on YouTube, you also like to would simply look at your television this, the Chromecast is highly recommended. And the price is a good selling point for the Chromecast. On Google itself a good piece costs 35 euros, on Amazon, there is a good piece for the same price.

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Buy Chromecast: That speaks against it

If you're more than happy with it already, that their media from the network on smartphone, tablet & can konssumieren Co., Chromecast is certainly unnecessary. Also your WLAN should be really fast enough to transfer the data even without disruption and quickly to the stick.

Even more unnecessary is the Chromecast if you are equipped with a powerful smart TV, or that you may have no problem to connect your laptop via HDMI cable to the TV.