Practical tip: How can I write in 3D font?

Who wants to write in 3D font, you can use our different methods. Depending on the PC equipment and talent. The simplest method are fonts as 3D fonts. Here are some tips and downloads.

Practical tip: How can I write in 3D font?

3D font you can create yourself. These then, however, requires a graphics program and some talent or practice. Optionally, rich and appropriate plugins. So there is a 3D font plugin that you can do in an instant from a lettering 3D text, for example, the open source graphics program GIMP. But the easiest way is sure to use one of the many free 3D font fonts, which can be found everywhere.

3D font with Windows fonts

The main problem with a 3D font as TrueType font that there are so many different ideas of three-dimensionality. Fonts are perspectively distorted and the rear part is to the bottom right, upper left, and in any other direction. So there is not the 3D Font, but many different fonts. Not all are to be used for any purpose.

In addition, there are two other problems. Many of these free fonts come from English-speaking countries and they simply have no umlauts. So you either have to find a different font or use only words without these signs. Also, should not use any of these downloadable fonts commercially man. The summer festival announcement of the allotment space in 3D font would thus be OK. The price tag in the kiosk not.

We tried to find somewhat neutral, yet powerful 3D fonts as fonts also to still have German umlauts and possibly. Other special characters. The first example is Gunplay3D and may even be used commercially.

3D font Gunplay3D

The 3D font Gunplay3D is very distinctiveThe 3D font Gunplay3D is very distinctive


3D font Neurochrome

Neurochrome is a 3D font, which is freeware, even if the author would like to have a donationNeurochrome is a 3D font, which is freeware, even if the author would like to have a donation

Neurochrome comes from the same artist as Gunplay3D. This is a 3D font that looks something like a chrome lettering on a car or motorbike. Timeless, yet modern. The font is freeware, but the author wishes for commercial use a donation. Details can be found in the accompanying text.


create 3D fonts with Word

Word is not a graphics program. Nevertheless, the option is installed, so writing in 3D font. And if you can exercise some restraint, the result does not look too bad. The corresponding feature is called WordArt, and can theoretically be used with any font.

3d writing-word.png

3D font in Word with WordArt

So you quickly to a conclusion:

  • First, the menu is switched Paste.
  • Now we see the upper right corner a slanted letters and the title WordArt. we click on a selection menu opens with examples.
  • For starters, something more subtle is recommended. So as the first example in the second row.
  • A window opens. Here you can either enter their text, adjust font, font size and font style.
  • After clicking OK, the result is inserted as a selection in the page and can be adjusted with the mouse.


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