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After the open-world survival adventure 7 Days to Die is available as an early access game on Steam since the end of 2013, also versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One coming on July 1, now on the market. Here, a look at the list of achievements and trophies already now shows what awaits you. We show you all the Achievements at a glance.

7 Days to Die in advance now!*

As the title says it all, you have to 7 Days to Die seven days to build a base, collect supplies and resources and to build a stable defense. For every week you will be attacked by a zombie horde and have to survive, otherwise you have to start again. Which Successes and achievements you can unlock in Survival fun, we show you below.

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7 Days to Die: Trophies and achievements at a glance

In total there are 7 Days to Die 43 Achievements (44 trophies on the PS4) to snag. Here you get more valuable Achievements, The more zombies you kill and players. Even if you survive as long as possible, or vice versa often die, it hails valuable achievements. In the following table you can all achievements and trophies with their activation conditions members.

Attention! For spoiler reasons, we have listed the secret trophies in a separate table below.
100 Percent complete100% Complete-platinum
These platinum trophy will be unlocked automatically when all the trophies are unlocked.
the-axtmann-comingThe axeman comestbabronze
Manufactures of your first stone ax.
ab-in-the-heiaOff to the Helatbabronze
Placed for the first time a sleeping bag, an old bed or a double bed.
doktor gamesMedical Playtbabronze
Stops a critical bleeding with a bandage, first aid bandage or first aid kit.
Made your first wooden frame.
Make sure you get the first time the country.
alexander-bellAlexander Belltbabronze
Manufactures 50 items.
benjamin franklin-Benjamin Franklintbabronze
Produced 500 items.
henry-fordHenry Fordtbabronze
Manufactures 1,500 items.
thomas-edisonThomas Edisontbasilver
Manufactures 5,000 items.
the-totengräberThe gravediggertbabronze
Kill 10 zombies.
the-embalmersthe embalmerstbabronze
Kill 100 zombies.
the-morticianThe Undertakertbasilver
Kill 500 zombies.
the-funeral directorThe undertakertbagold
Kill 2,500 zombies.
Kill 10 players.
Julius CaesarJulius Caesartbabronze
Kill 100 other players.
genghis-khanGenghis Khantbabronze
Kill 500 other players.
Alexander the GreatAlexander the Greattbasilver
Kill 2,500 other players.
Christoph ColumbusChristoph Columbustbabronze
Travels 10 km.
ferdinand magellan-Ferdinand Magellantbabronze
Travels 50 km.
marco poloMarco Polotbabronze
Traveling 250 km.
neil armstrong-Neil Armstrongtbasilver
Traveling 1,000 kilometers.
the-grass-bitebite the dusttbabronze
Die five times.
mach-it-allMowing Them Downtbabronze
Die 25 times.
you-are-deliveredYou are deliveredtbabronze
Die 100 times.
Meet-your-creatorMeet your Makertbasilver
Die 500 times.
health-and-kickingAlive and welltbabronze
reached 125 wellbeing.
fit as a fiddleFit as a fiddletbabronze
reached 150 wellbeing.
fit as a fiddlefit as a fiddletbabronze
reached 175 wellbeing.
at-best-healthIn good healthtbasilver
reached 200 wellbeing.
In a single game reaches 10 points.
In a single game was 50 points.
In a single game reached 250 points.
In a single game reached 500 points.
than-life artistSurvivalisttbagold
In a single game reaches 1,000 points.
encounter-with-the-deathBrush with deathtbabronze
survived 50 minutes in single player mode.
near-death experiencenear-death experiencetbabronze
survived 150 minutes in single player mode.
the-death-escapedescaped deathtbasilver
survived 500 minutes in single player mode.
almost-immortalalmost immortaltbagold
survived 1,250 minutes in single player mode.


Secret Achievements and trophies

above the cloudsAbove the cloudstbabronze
Achieved in a game 255 meters of altitude.
Dig yourselves in a game three meters deep down or up to the bedrock.
cold feetCold feettbabronze
Are at a sensed temperature of 0 ° or below naked and 100% wet.
dirty larryDirty Larrytbabronze
Kills 44 thugs with a 44 Magnum.
break a legBreak a legtbabronze
Break your leg.
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