Mafia 3: make money – wealth for your family

In Mafia 3 you need a lot of cash for Lincoln Clays vendetta. Here you are open to many ways to earn as much money. Since you want to build an underground universe, falling objects such as bottles Checkout or baby sitter for your protagonists unfortunately. You want to force the other leaders of the underworld in his knees and for that you need a lot of ammunition. How can you pay for them best and what paths bring you to cash, we show you in this guide.

Mafia 3: make money - wealth for your family

A good aspect of Mafia 3 is that you can earn relatively quickly in different ways the wherewithal. Whether through progress in the main story, or by one or the other side job &# 8211; you will find opportunities. Once the game will be released on 07.10.2016, we will give you earn more about the best ways to money. For now, we recommend you the best methods for getting in the latest part of the Mafia series. Also read our test Mafia third

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Mafia 3: make money &# 8211; So you may abound in New Bordeaux

In Mafia 3 you have the chance to secure your wealth and store. This should also do it in any case, since you otherwise by &# 8220; unforeseeable events&# 8221; you can lose your wealth. Even if your money quickly in good investment opportunities reconnected (such as a bold cart or good weapon), it is better off than if it is just in your pocket and does not work for you.

3 schematically mafia

Official system requirements for Mafia 3


The following options for money verdeinen in Mafia 3 are already known:

  • Sell ​​cars: As its predecessors, it is probably in Mafia 3 again have the opportunity to give money to earn by selling their cars. Since you occasionally &# 8220; free&# 8221; gets to cars, this is a promising source of income.
  • Auto Racing: not sold her your car, but upgraded it to something you can participate in car racing and ensure you win bonuses.
  • conquer districts: Once a district is yours, you can continuously receive money through him.
  • Income: Whether by a district or other commercial interests, you should always remember your income also collect, rather than leave it in place.
  • Shops rob: Instead of building its own stores can free their foreign by the pressure of their capital. But pay attention to the impact on law enforcement and owners.
  • Protection money: You would never sue for protection money, but you can convince businesses from giving any money to rival gangs and dear to you. After all, they are better protected.
  • Fight Club: Very simple and without much finesse to money can earn in Fight Club. Spread a few bells and thereby collects bills.
  • Play the Story: With the progress in the main story you get a certain amount, which should improve your budget for each completing a story mission.
  • Armored car: The so-called Dead Drops you are displayed with a red icon on the map and you meet them occasionally. Turns all the guards with a grenade and searches for the moneybag, to rewards of 3,000 to 5,000 $ pick up.
Mafia earn money 3With shops you can very well make a lot of money.

So you can earn money in three Mafia, it will probably be more opportunities. Smaller missions, hidden objects and other ways seem likely. In addition to these fast Because there are other ways to quickly earn a lot of money:

  • kill bosses or recruit: If their business bosses recruited they bring a lot of money to you in the long run. They will support you and on. Alternatively, you can of course also kill, so you get a lot of money quickly. This should ye but think twice as this spontaneous windfall may dry up again.
  • Trafficking: By transport orders you can increase your Kickback and also you can by supplied more businesses enter more profit. In addition, you get a bonus to loyalty.
  • Vito Scallera recruit: Do you have the old Sicilian beside you can call her a courier, which you decrease excess money and kept safe. This you lose a dollar at death and have in addition to a higher level the chance of protection and taking bribes.
  • Cassandra recruit: By the arms sales you get free ammunition, why you should not spend money on ammunition when it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Donovan: Through good contacts with the CIA agents you can in Barclay Mills, Tickfaw Harbor and Downtown decide whether their construction or bribery want to select. By bribery can replenish their your wallet.
  • Take over stores: A very good and passive source of income is the acquisition of stores in New Bordeaux. By additional districts by the way, your maximum income increased.
  • allies: Collects many allies around you. Instead of all erase the stand in your way, you can get through them a lot of money in your pockets.

Disconnect the pro-order bonus of Family Kick-Backs: Mafia 3

Many players have already asked how they can unlock the bonuses of Family kickback. For more information on the benefits of this edition you will find in our overview of the Mafia 3 versions. Do you have a digital version of the pre-order Mafia 3 acquired ye need to make little thought, since you have to enter a extra code. In the physical version, however you your bonus code in the store of your platform should enter independently. This will get the additional weapons and vehicles directly, but you have only the three major sub-bosses gather around you. This will get you quite early, or in the first hours of the game.

3 mafia make money kicbackThe three bosses bring you the benefits

Have you done all that you can on the Family Kickback access bonuses by her applying the respective capabilities of the sub-bosses. Each of the bosses provided you with a car and a gun. Receive can you them as follows:

  • Gets the arms dealer of Cassandra and you can select the additional weapons.
  • Uses the car-suppliers of Burke to pick you a bonus car.

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