Batman – Arkham Knight Gotham on fire – so snaps her super villain Firefly

In Batman: Arkham Knight chasing her not only villain Scarecrow, but works on the wanted list of the GCPD. In the mission &# 8220; in flames Gotham&# 8221; makes her super villain Firefly find and it prevents him burn down the fire stations of Gotham. We show you where you can find the firebug and how you may stop him.


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Firefly is one of many supervillain, which by Scarecrow make triggered panic in Gotham City to Use to create chaos and destruction. The notorious arsonist has three fire stations set on fire. Making matters worse, the firefighters of the fire station are also kidnapped. So you have ran with Batman and pick up the coals from the proverbial fire. In our guide you learn how.

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Batman &# 8211; Arkham Knight Gotham in flames &# 8211; Who is Firefly?

Firefly is hidden behind Garfield Lynns, a designer and an expert in pyrotechnics in the film industry. However, he lost his job and hit a career as a criminal and Series arsonists one under which the building suffered from Gotham. After he laid a fire in a chemical plant, he was caught in the flames 90% of his skin burned and disfigured him with ugly scars. He developed after his recovery with a special suit, including military Flamethrowers and jetpack and has since become one of the worst enemies of Batman.

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Gotham on fire: so you can find the fire stations and defeated Firefly

Around In addition to mission complete, you will have on each of the three main islands find the burning fire station and using your Batmobile trigger the extinguishing system in the building. Activated before the building battle mode and hooks the winch in the designated device and give careful gas until the sprinkler system starts. The locations of fire stations on each island you see in the following gallery.

Gallery cards with localities of fire stations

  • (Figure 1/3):Cauldron fire station on Bleake Iceland -
  • (Figure 3.2):Otisburg Fire Station on Founders' Iceland -
  • (Figure 3.3):Bristol-fire station on Miagani Iceland -

For each deleted firehouse Firefly will then appear and a chase begins on the streets. He will flee while regularly cases Street in front of you in flames. Differs here carefully to avoid damage to the car. Are you close enough to him to it, you can the ejection seat use and Firefly tear from the air to the ground where her him one in QuickTime Event neatly polished the feeding bar with blows. Repeated her this three times, Firefly lands behind bars and a super villain less makes the streets of Gotham uncertain.

BATMAN ™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150628220234Let's not be too large the distance to Firefly.

For the Completion of this wanted list mission beckon you to the WayneTech improvement points. For the first two fire stations, two points for the last another three points.

Batman - Arkham Knight: wanted list of Most Wanted Criminals in Gotham

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