The Young Pope: Season 2 – New episodes with Pope Pius XIII.

With "The Young Pope" sends Sky mid-October a series of highlights in 2016 the TV program. In the coming weeks there every Friday to see a double episode of a different papal history. The first season consists of ten episodes. How about with "The Young Pope" season 2?

The first season was designed initially only 8 episodes, but all the 10 issues with Jude Law were produced in the lead role as the first pope from the US. Who delight in the drama series from Sky, HBO and Canal + will take place in the coming weeks, can look forward to the second half of next year soon. A second season of "The Young Pope" was confirmed before the series premiere in Germany.

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The Young Pope: Season 2 already officially confirmed

For the premiere of the first episode in Rome a new season of The Young Pope was officially announced. Production is scheduled to begin later this year. With a 45 million-US-dollar budget, the first season was the most expensive production of an Italian series of all time. In the second season, the Italian company "Wild Side" will provide the leadership, HBO, Sky, Canal + will be a partner on board.

The Young Pope: Season 2 - New episodes with Pope Pius XIII.Picture: HBO / Sky / Canal +

With a release of The Young Pope Season 2 is not expected before the autumn 2017th First, there is to see every Friday two new episodes of the first season on Sky Atlantic in the coming weeks. Anyone who wants to receive the pay-TV channels, without booking a large subscription, The Young Pope can view via the Sky entertainment ticket *. More information: The Young Pope &# 8211; Season 1 in the stream and TV.

The Young Pope: Season 2 with new episodes will be produced

The first episodes of The Young Pope run from 21 October in Germany, Austria and Italy. US viewers have to wait a little longer. The US launch of the series is not until next year.

The series shows a Pope, as one does not know in otherwise. The American Lenny Belardo, Pope Pius XIII. is in the series played by Jude Law. The series shows substantial facets of the life of a Pope in the Vatican. Let's start with the first episode tonight at Sky Atlantic.


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