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How can you find out if DSL connection or mobile network Congstar are down? What to do in case of a fault in the telephone network or the Internet? The article finds its answers to these questions.

Congstar down? Troubleshooting and Report - How klappts

Is Congstar down? So you can find it out

If one has the impression that Congstar is down or there is a fault in the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, you should first check whether you are affected by this problem only itself or whether it even more error messages in the D1 network and the DSL are connecting.

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This is possible, both in mobile and the Internet, through special sites like Allestö Here users can report suspected faults yourself. But beware, some &# 8220; noise&# 8221; at fault messages is always present, the service of Congstar then does not have to be so forcing down.

If the number of messages but a certain threshold, you have to actually assume that a fault with Congstar being itself and not on its own mobile network or home. At best, we now know so whether you have only a local problem or a bigger there, to which you have no direct control. What can be done now though?

congstar-down stoerungScreenshot of Congstar at Allestörungen of 24 April 2015. Reported disturbances do not necessarily correspond actual problems of the provider.Start Photogallery(27 images)Secret phone codes that everyone should know

Troubleshooting and Report &# 8211; so klappts

There is a fault in the mobile phone or the landline of Congstar before, you can of course register with the appropriate service:

  • Congstar CONTACT: hotline number, customer service, forum, chat, mail - everything about the congstar Service
  • The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary offers numerous ways to contact (see above link).
  • Here you can describe his problem and gets, at best, current information about the problem situation or whether the service is actually down.

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  • If only the mobile network properly, the problem may also be located on your own smartphone. Here you should try the basic measures such as a reboot of the device or remove and re-insert the SIM card before you contacted the Congstar service *.
  • It is also possible that the credentials are entered incorrectly in the smartphone Congstar APN: All settings for iPhone and Android

Here goes straight to the Congstar Service*

Troubleshooting in the fixed network and the DSL connection

If the DSL is disturbed by Congstar or completely down, you should also first check a few things before you contact the Congstar service *.

  • If the line is completely dead or the Internet simply slow? Internet slow &# 8211; This can be done about it.
  • If the Internet is gone, you should first take the most typical measures. These include a reboot of the router and the PC as well as checking the cables and connections. Sitting all right? perhaps a cable damaged?
  • Telekom has released a video of the most common problems and their solutions online, which is useful for Congstar customers.
85153First aid for a fault in the telecom network

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