What’s idgaf – meaning & translation of the abbreviation

On the Internet, you stumble repeatedly about certain abbreviations and terms that might be obvious to one immediately. Just when the abbreviations derived from English, the derivation is difficult. In this guide, we tell you what the acronym stands idgaf and how it can be translated.


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translation & Meaning of the abbreviation idgaf?

The abbreviation stands for idgaf &# 8220;I don&# 8217; t Give a f* ck&# 8221; which literally &# 8220; I do not give F * ck&# 8221; means. At best, this expression can be with the German &# 8220; I do not give a shit&# 8221; or &# 8220; If I do not care&# 8221; to compare.

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Here also the literal translation in today's youth language and hip-hop jargon is entirely familiar. &to give no F * ck; # 8220&# 8221; can also be found in the German phrases index. It means that one is somewhat indifferent or you show no interest in something or even despised it. However, for many the translation is more a case of &# 8220; I think I spider&# 8220 ;.

What does idfwu?

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Other variations of idgaf

In addition to the conventional abbreviation idgaf, have formed over time many other variations and modification of the phrase. We have summarized you here the most used in a table.

abbreviationimportanceTranslation / meaning
idgadI don&# 8217; t give a damnI do a damn
idgafaI don&# 8217; t give a f * anymoreIt is no longer interested in helping me
idgafauI don&# 8217; t give a f * about youAre you or do you feel not interested in helping me
idgaffI don&# 8217; t give a flying f *It gives me something of matter
idgafosI don&# 8217; t give a f * or shitI do not give F * or Fuck
idgasI don&# 8217; t give a shitI do not care

In addition, individuals who can hang out their Schei├čegal attitude a little too much, also referred to as Idgafist or diagnosed with the IDGAF syndrome. If an entire group adopts such an attitude, it is sometimes tinged also religiously called Idgafism.

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