The Elder Scrolls Online: The races and nations at a glance (+ bonuses)

The Elder Scrolls Online is now Buy2Play and that attracts many fans of the series back to Tamriel. If you not yet having no opportunity to dive into the big wide world of MMORPGs, we want to give you some tips to breed choice on the way to your first character creation.

The Elder Scrolls Online: The races and nations at a glance (+ bonuses)

The three fractions Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact and dagger fall Alliance have three playable races, which in turn turn own bonuses and of course cultures (which is reflected in armor and weapon design) each. We provide you all nine races and the special people of the Imperial (which are independent fraction) in more detail before.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: The peoples of the Aldmeri Dominions

are the dominant race of Aldmeri Dominions the high elves (or Altmer). They are followed by the Wood Elves (or Bosmer) who are tired of the Colovian attacks and have joined their brothers in combat. The feline Khajiit in turn are in debt to the High Elf Queen Ayrenns which has helped narrow the unspeakable Knahaten flu pandemic, which was also introduced by humans.

leader-Aldmeri dominion

High Elves / Altmer

race-high elevenTall, proud and magic gifted. The High Elves in Elder Scrolls Online is the race with the highest affinity for magic. Therefore, the ruling People's sees itself particularly well to destruction magic, so more damage than other nations and can also restore Magicka faster.

The bonuses of the High Elves

  • Advantages wands
  • Increased Magicka regeneration
  • increased Magicka
  • Bonuses to fire, ice and shock damage

Recommended class choice: wizard

Wood Elf / Bosmer

race-wood-elfThe nimble Bosmer are born archers and can move unseen in her home Valenwood through the treetops. The capital of the Dominion, Eldenhain, located in the heart of this impenetrable forest. The wild forest elves are said they did not plant any harm and therefore only eat meat.

The bonuses of the Wood Elves

  • Advantages in sheets
  • Bonuses while sneaking
  • Resistance to poisons and diseases
  • Increased stamina regeneration

Recommended class choice: Nightblade


race-khajiitThe cats people from the vast and inhospitable deserts Elsweyrs are born warriors and traders. Some wagging tongue also says to them that they also always would be two professions nor thieves. This is obviously a unproven prejudice because Khajiiti so gifted villains are that they can not be caught in their thefts.

The bonuses of the Wood Elves

  • Advantages in the Middle armor
  • Bonuses while sneaking
  • Increased critical chance
  • Increased Lenensenergie regeneration

Recommended class choice: Nightblade

The Elder Scrolls Online: The peoples of the Ebonheart Pact

The Ebonheart Pact consists of three actually hostile and hateful people together: The north and the Dark Elves (Dunmer) have led if their neighborhood many wars against each other and the Lizardmen of Argonians apply for thousands of years as slaves of the Dunmer. Nevertheless, the three races have united against the Akaviri invasion and back to the imperial city before.



race-NorthThe north are a tough people from the far north and icy Skyrim. They are as good warriors as they are shrewd traders. As a former fast-Peculiar Tamriel they want now, of course, show the hated High Elves and the other races of Tamriel that they are a danger still, with be reckoned with.

The bonuses of the North

  • Advantages in two-handed weapons
  • Increased armor with any armor
  • Increased life energy
  • Resistance to frost and cold damage

Recommended class choice: Dragon Knight

Dark Elf / Dunmer

race-dark-elfThe dark-skinned Dunmer of Morrowind the island are masters of all professions. They are especially good magician warriors, archers and heavily armored infantry units. Therefore, the most classes recommend to play the Dark Elves.

The bonuses of the Dark Elves

  • Advantages for two-handed weapons
  • Increased stamina and Magicka
  • Resistance to fire damage
  • Increased Fire Damage

Recommended class choice: Dragon Knights, magicians and Nightblade


race-argonianThe lizards from the swamps of Black Marsh are not only the best guerrillas throughout Tamriel, but also the best healer. These two features make the Argonians also an indispensable backbone of Ebonheart Pact and justify the release from slavery to the Dunmer (at least temporarily).

The bonuses of Argonians

  • Advantages in restoring rods
  • Improved potion effect
  • Improved effect of healing spells
  • Underwater breathing

Recommended class choice: Templar

The Elder Scrolls Online: The peoples of the dagger fall Alliance

The dagger fall Alliance under the guidance of Great King Emerics is composed (Orsimer) from the neighboring nations of the Breton, Redguards and Orc. The diplomatic Bretons take over the top layer and cause the deadly Southerners of Alik&# 8217; r-desert and honorable as well as wild Orcs back to Rubin throne.

leader-Daggerfall covenant


race-BretonThe people of the Breton people can demonstrate a track elf blood in their veins and therefore also possess an innate gift of magic. but they are just as good diplomats, villains and knights as they are spellcasters.

The bonuses of the Bretons

  • Advantages Light armor
  • Increased Magic Resistance
  • increased Magicka

Recommended class choice: Wizards, Knights Templar


race-redguardThe wild desert warriors are excellent fighters on any battlefields. They have brought the martial art to such a high level that they move sometimes faster than the enemy could follow with the eye. but that is usually also well because it would be anyway been the last that he has ever seen.

The bonuses Redguard

  • Advantages shields
  • increased stamina
  • Increased stamina regeneration

Recommended class choice: Templar Dragon Knights

Orcs / Orsimer

race-orcThe Orcs from Orsinium are not simply gross bruisers like them will always rumored. Rather, they have a clear, albeit simple code of honor: The stronger law. Blacksmithing and heavy infantry units of the Orsimer are notorious throughout Tamriel.

The bonuses of the Orcs

  • Advantages in heavy armor
  • Uses less endurance while sprinting
  • Increased stamina and vitality

Recommended class choice: Dragon Knights, Nightblade


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