Practical tip Excel: automatically adjust row height

If the row heights back in Excel and forth, which is quite a burden. With a little trick we can set up the Excel row height automatically.

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The row height in Excel adjusted quickly, while working with a table. If a line break is allowed in the cells, is often sufficient to add a number or letter to jump a line in height. Unfortunately, lines are automatically higher in such an action then, but not again lower. But we can set the program so that Excel adjusts the row height automatically. And for all the cells or only for selected lines.

let the Excel row height automatically change

So that we can let the row height automatically adjust in Excel, the spreadsheet has a separate function for it. Actually, it is incomprehensible that this automatic height adjustment is not the standard Excel.

With one click, we can leave the Excel row height adapted to the content automaticallyWith one click, we can leave the Excel row height adapted to the content automatically

It is at the height adjustment of rows in Excel so primarily about letting snap together an overblown cell. For the automatic altitude adjustment does not ensure that the cells also enlarge inevitably, if the content does not fit on one line. Since other formatting specifications are in the way! If, for example, is formatted so that a long content produces no line breaks, then the content will continue to run out of the cell. And that is the standard Excel!

To automatically adjust the Excel row height, we proceed as follows:

  • Either select the entire sheet with Ctrl + A, or select individual cells, rows or columns with the mouse.
  • in the start menu on the right to Menu item format Search and click.
  • Now the menu and clicking opens on Shrink rows automatically.

The highlighted lines draw back together so that they are at most as high as the content therein.

Adjust Excel row height and show all content

If the entire contents to be visible, then you can select the appropriate cell and then click the right mouse button. Then you click Format Cells.

The automatic height of the rows in Excel also depends on the line breakThe automatic height of the rows in Excel also depends on the line break

In the following window (see picture) to Choose the tab alignment and marks there in Section Text Control on line break. Confirm with OK and all selected cells get a line break. Which ensures that the width of the cell is unchanged, but the amount varies so that all the content is displayed.


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