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Here you can find all information about canvassed friends with Congstar. How does it work? What bonuses are there?

Congstar: Refer a friend and get a premiere - So klappts

The mobile provider Congstar advertises alongside the annual mobile phone exchange with a premiere for existing customers when advertise these new friends. But how exactly does canvassed friends? And what rewards you get?

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Congstar: Refer a friend and get premiere &# 8211; so klappts

congstar friends-advertiseCanvassed friends with Congstar is easy. The mobile subsidiary of Telekom offers this * to a special form on the website, which can fill you to send an email with the recommended rate your friends.

  • First you select the tariff or the offer, which want to recommend it.
  • You give to your name and email address.
  • In addition, you must of course enter the e-mail of the recipient.
  • In addition, you still have the opportunity to write a personal message.
  • Make sure to read before sending again the privacy policies and terms and conditions for referring friends through.
  • It is particularly important that the recipient also agrees with such advertising or receiving the e-mail. 
  • If you've sent the email, you just have to wait and see. Of course you will receive only a bonus if the recipient has booked a rate with Congstar.

More info rations to the amount and type of premiums be found in the next section.

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cash premiere &# 8211; so klappts

Toying friend or acquaintance already with a tariff with Congstar, you should definitely take advantage of the possibility of friends courtship. For not only at himself receives a premium, but also the new customer. In addition, you can still automatically entered into a lottery.

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secure premiere

You can form filler also specify whether you want to receive a bonus in the form of a credit for your Congstar account or receive a prize. Prizes rotate every month, there is always new again.

The amount or the value of the premium depends on the mediated plan. It does not matter which plan you proposed to the potential new customers is important, which he himself selects.

  • All available premiums can be viewed here her. Premiums at Congstar *
  • The number of credits you see in the table:

congstar premium-height*

participate in the competition

s6-gewinnspielIf you dispatches a-Friend, you take also automatically entered into a lottery. In April, is currently giving away the Galaxy S6 Samsung.

benefit Friends

The referred friend will receive a small bonus on their tariff. The level in turn varies depending on the nature of the tariff:

congstar premium-friends

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