Gone Home – Sprinter: in under a minute through the game

In exploration game Gone Home you go to a mysterious secret from family Greenbriar. While you are actually employed nearly three hours, you to look at each item and read all the documents, you can also do that faster. We show you in this guide how their success Sprinter get in Gone Home, and comes in under a minute through the game.

Katie Greenbriar was a year traveling in Europe. In 1995 she comes back &# 8211; and finds a completely empty house on. arrived at the front door, we received a message that her little sister Sam is gone. What now? Of course, you visit the house and digs you through the diary entries of your sister and other documents. Have you Gone Home However, once played and already knows the secret, which is waiting at the end to you, you must not sift through it all.

Gone Home is free for PS Plus members in June

Is now looking for a challenge and take a look at the 10 achievements and trophies of Gone Home, you fall her achievement probably sprinter on. We show you, you have to do in order to play Gone Home in under a minute.

See here the official promo trailer for Gone Home:

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receive Sprinter Trophy: Gone Home &# 8211; that's how it's done

Do you want to Gome Home all the trophies and achievements collect, you must definitely play several times. We advise you also to address the Sprinter Trophy as a last resort. Enjoys Gone Home and please read the documentation before you play the whole thing in fast-forward. Probably you will also success do not get on the first try. Further down in the text we tell you what you can do if you do not get the same achievement.

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Attention! This text may contain spoilers. Have you Gone Home is not finished yet, you read at your own risk!

For the trophy sprinter to get in Gone Home, proceed as follows:

  1. Skips the intro and rotates you left. Hold best been the key or the left stick to the left. Once you can move, going quickly to the left and open the small closet on the porch and brings you the key to the front door.
  2. Goes into the house and run right past the stairs to the secret door get. Grab the key to the attic on a carton.

    Right next to the stairs there is a secret passage that you should open.Right next to the stairs there is a secret passage that you should open.

  3. now goes to Attic. So runs back through the secret door and take the stairs. Opens the hinged door in the ceiling.
  4. Once in the attic, you run fast now until the end of the floor and beat the blue-green book on the table on. Read it so that time stops.

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In this video once again shows you YouTuber Maka91Productions the way:

not received Sprinter success? This can you do

As mentioned earlier, you will not be able to unlock from the start to success. Many readers report that it has only worked at the 5th or later time. This is often a Bug, of the Console Edition related. Just try again. Have still not received their trophy, uninstalled Gone Home and installed again. So you lose while your progress, but not your successes. Read on us, Intuitively, as you unlock the trophy in Gone Home and can crack the safe in the cellar.


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