Msconfig – so you use the Windows System Configuration

In this article we will show you what you can start her all msconfig using the Windows System Configuration Utility.

Msconfig - so you use the Windows System Configuration

at msconfig is it is a Windows system program that can be used in particular to configure the system startup. You can determine with msconfig in detail which services and system programs when Windows starts to load. This you have the possibility to exclude certain system components as the cause of errors. In addition, you can also prevent application programs when Windows starts automatically loaded in which ye do not want using msconfig.

Start the System Configuration Utility MSCONFIG

To enter msconfig, it performs the following steps by:

  • First calls the Windows Start menu.


  • Here you give in the search box type "msconfig".


  • Now click "msconfig" in the entry found.


  • Then you, the system configuration is displayed.


Learn it on the next page, as you can use the msconfig settings under the "General" tab.


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